Research Tree


Research Points

Research Points research.png RP are one of Galaxy Legions' resources, along with Artifact Points and Mining Points.

You will gain Research Points research.png RP, once every hour up to your Research Points Storage capacity.

Research points can be spent gain new Equipment and Structures by researching technologies from the nine branches of the Research Tree, accessed via the GL_Interface_Research_Tab. Certain Missions will also require the expenditure of research.png RP.

Research Tree

Advanced Weapons

By researching this Research Tree branch one will gain access to new and better Weapons for one's ship, Turrets for one's base and minefields for one's planets. The player begins with Auto Cannon as their basic weapon this weapon requires no research in this tree. If there are planet modules for a particular tier, the player gets access to those at the same time as the first ship weapon on that tier. If there are base modules for a tier, the player gets those at the same time as the second ship weapon on that tier.

Advanced Weapons Research Tree
Name Full Description Cost Per Tier Ship Modules Planet Or Base Modules

Advanced Weapons

The study of new weapon designs, delivery systems, and miniaturization of weapons for use in space. 200 x 1 Research Heavy Auto Cannon (none)

Linear Induction

Advanced study of magnetic propulsion of matter. This allows for the design of weapons that can launch projectiles at incredibly high velocities. 600 x 3 Research Light Mass Driver
Mass Driver
Heavy Mass Driver
Rail Turret

Laser Focusing

Study of channeling laser energy into powerful beams. 1,000 x 3 Research Light Laser Cannon
Laser Cannon
Heavy Laser Cannon

Ion Channeling

Study of the alignment and enrichment of ionized gases. 3,000 x 3 Research Light Ion Cannon
Ion Cannon
Heavy Ion Cannon
Ion Minefield
Ion Turret

Plasma Filtering

Harnessing the potential of chaotic plasma into cohesive blasts. 5,000 x 3 Research Light Plasma Cannon
Plasma Cannon
Heavy Plasma Cannon
Plasma Minefield

Phased Energy

Harnessing phase-modulation of various wave energies. 9,000 x 3 Research Light Phase Cannon
Phase Cannon
Heavy Phase Cannon
Phase Minefield
Phase Turret

Graviton Shearing

The study of using high energy graviton beams to create powerful shearing forces on the target. 15,000 x 3 Research Light Graviton Shearer
Graviton Shearer
Heavy Graviton Shearer
Graviton Minefield

Matter Disruption

The use of high energy chaotic pulses to disrupt the subatomic structure of matter. 20,000 x 3 Research Light Disruptor
Heavy Disruptor
Disruption Minefield
Disruptor Turret

Quantum Disassembly

A focused study dealing with a more advanced form of matter disruption at the quantum level. 30,000 x 3 Research Light Quantum Devastator
Quantum Devastator
Heavy Quantum Devastator
Quantum Minefield


The study of safely creating and launching microsingularities for use as a weapon projectile. 70,000 x 3 Research Light Singularity Launcher
Singularity Launcher
Heavy Singularity Launcher
Singularity Minefield
Singularity Turret

Antimatter Streams

The study of focusing and containing antiprotons into cohesive streams that can be used as a powerful beam weapon. The research includes safeguards for close range combat. 140,000 x 3 Research Light Antiproton Cannon
Antiproton Cannon
Heavy Antiproton Cannon
Antimatter Minefield

Null Rays

Technology that allows weaponizing the immense forces of spacial fatigue, erasing subatomic matter through a focused projection of dimensional microrifts. 300,000 x 3 Research Light Null Ray
Null Ray
Heavy Null Ray
Null Minefield
Null Turret

Thetacron Radiation

Study into the artificial creation of thetacron radiation, a normally rare and dangerous subspace phenomenon. Thetacron emissions create violent tears in subspace, and can sometimes cause permanent spacial rifts. 600,000 x 3 Research Light Thetacron Cannon
Thetacron Cannon
Heavy Thetacron Cannon
Thetacron Rift Field

Quasi-Chaotic Force

A much more powerful type of spacial fatigue technology that relies on Quasi-Chaotic forces, a superposition of all known standard forces and their anti-forces. Complex Quasi-Chaotic pulses can be tuned to seek out almost any other energy signature. 1,000,000 x 3 Research Light Quasi-Chaotic Blaster
Quasi-Chaotic Blaster
Heavy Quasi-Chaotic Blaster
Quasi-Chaos Mine
Quasi-Chaos Turret

Advanced Power Systems

By researching this Research Tree branch, one will gain access to new and better Cores & Reactors and Relays. Nothing is unlocked in this field before research is performed.

Advanced Power Systems Research Tree
Name Full Description Cost Per Tier Ship Modules

Advanced Power Systems

The study of new power generation techniques and devices 200 x 1 Research Power Conduit

Cold Fusion

Research into creating easily triggered fusion reactions that are easy to control 600 x 4 Research Fusion Reactor
Fusion Reactor - Mark II
Fusion Reactor - Mark III
Fusion Reactor - Mark IV

Superconductive Relays

A study into creating high tensile superconductive relays for power transmission of very high energies. 1,000 x 1 Research High Energy Relay

Graviton Induction

Harnessing the vast amount of background graviton energy passing through a ship. 2,000 x 4 Research Graviton Core
Graviton Core - Mark II
Graviton Core - Mark III
Graviton Core - Mark IV

Plasma Relays

Creating conduits that can contain and distribute extremely high energy plasma around a vessel. 4,000 x 1 Research Plasma Relay

Quantum Capacitors

The study of devices capable of harnessing quantum harmonic forces 7,000 x 4 Research Quantum Capacitor
Quantum Capacitor - Mark II
Quantum Capacitor - Mark III
Quantum Capacitor - Mark IV

Wave Conduits

The study of power distribution systems using quantum superimposed energy waves 10,000 x 1 Research Wave Conduit

Antimatter Containment

The study of using controlled annihilations of antimatter as a significant power source 18,000 x 4 Research Antimatter Reactor
Antimatter Reactor - Mark II
Antimatter Reactor - Mark III
Antimatter Reactor - Mark IV

Positron Relays

The study of delivering anti-electrons directly to relay antimatter terminals. 25,000 x 1 Research Positron Relay

Singularity Control

The study of creating and using black holes specifically for power generation. 35,000 x 4 Research Singularity Core
Singularity Core - Mark II
Singularity Core - Mark III
Singularity Core - Mark IV

X Conduits

The study of an advanced form of positron relay that uses cross-phase modulation. 50,000x 1 Research X Conduit

Zero Point Energy

The study of advanced quantum capacitors capable of harnessing zero point energy in subspace fields. 60,000 x 4 Research Zero Point Reactor
Zero Point Reactor - Mark II
Zero Point Reactor - Mark III
Zero Point Reactor - Mark IV


The study of using transdimensional projection to deliver vast quantities of energy around a vessel. 75,000 x 1 Research Transconduit

Dark Energy Induction

The study of directly harnessing dark energy sources from normal and subspace. 90,000 x 4 Research Dark Energy Core
Dark Energy Core - Mark II
Dark Energy Core - Mark III
Dark Energy Core - Mark IV

Isomorphic Entanglement

A superior form of instantaneous energy transfer, allowing even unstable forms of energy to move around a ship safely 150,000 x 1 Research Isomorphic Repeater

Intra Dimensional Colliding

The focused study of harnessing the massive energy produced when colliding matter from higher order dimensions. 210,000 x 4 Research Intra-D Collider
Intra-D Collider - Mark II
Intra-D Collider - Mark III
Intra-D Collider - Mark IV

Wormhole Channeling

Study of channeling unimaginable quantities of energy through stable wormholes 450,000 x 1 Research Wormhole Relay

Supernova Generation

Harnessing the massive power of stellar creation and destruction, focused within the control of a single reactor 800,000 x 4 Research Supernova Generator
Supernova Generator - Mark II
Supernova Generator - Mark III
Supernova Generator - Mark IV

Flux Vibration Channeling

A breakthrough concept of intense energy transmission by tapping directly within a stable flux medium, combining the benefits of massive distance and volume transfer. 1,600,000 x 1 Research HyperChannel Relay

Proxy-Universe Reactions

Binds reactions through parallel universe membranes, allowing for unique energy properties not physically possible to create in this universe alone. The process requires multiple safeguards, as reactions that span universal boundaries are dangerous. 3,200,000 x 4 Research Proxy-Universe Reactors
Proxy-Universe Reactors - Mark II
Proxy-Universe Reactors - Mark III
Proxy-Universe Reactors - Mark IV

  • Currently this is the end of the Research Tree branch - Nov 2010

Shield Systems

By researching this Research Tree branch one will gain access to new and better Shields and Grids. Upon beginning the game, you do NOT have access to any shield modules/structures. Upgrades to the shields are available through this tree. If there are planet or base modules for a particular tier, the player gets access to those as well upon completion of the first level of that tier.

Shield Systems Research Tree
Name Full Description Cost Per Tier Ship Modules Planet Or Base Modules

Shield Systems

The study of the emission of energy fields for use in defense. 200 x 1 Research Light Magnetic Deflector (none)

Magnetic Deflection

The use of strong magnetic fields to deflect or redirect harmful incoming weapons or debris. 600 x 2 Research Magnetic Deflector
Heavy Magnetic Deflector
Structural Shield

Hull Polarization

The study of polarizing the hull of a ship with high energy particles that can absorb incoming attacks. 1,000 x 3 Research Light Hull Polarizer
Hull Polarizer
Heavy Hull Polarizer
Deflector Grid

Inverse Graviton Fields

The study of using directed inverse gravitons to deflect incoming attacks. 2,000 x 3 Research Light Inverse Graviton Shield
Inverse Graviton Shield
Heavy Inverse Graviton Shield
City Shield

Force Projection Fields

The study of force-projection (or force) fields that act as an external energy hull to the ship. 4,000 x 3 Research Light Force Shield
Force Shield
Heavy Force Shield
Forcefield Grid

Lattice Fields

The study of using a cross-lattice of phased energy on existing force shielding, preventing weak spots during attacks. 6,000 x 3 Research Light Lattice Shield
Lattice Shield
Heavy Lattice Shield
Regional Shield

Phase Fields

The study of using an entire force shield constructed of modulated phase energy. 12,000 x 3 Research Light Phase Shield
Phase Shield
Heavy Phase Shield
Phase Shield Grid

Disruption Fields

The use of a chaotic energy cross-lattice to disintegrate incoming matter. 25,000 x 3 Research Light Disruption Shield
Disruption Shield
Heavy Disruption Shield
Mass Shield

Stasis Fields

The study of bending subspace energy around a ship to change the path of incoming weapon fire. 40,000 x 3 Research Light Stasis Shield
Stasis Shield
Heavy Stasis Shield
Stasis Grid

Rift Fields

The study of far more advanced stasis fields that use strong dimensional rifts to shift incoming matter. 85,000 x 3 Research Light Rift Shield
Rift Shield
Heavy Rift Shield
Planetary Shield
Rift Grid

Meta-Chron Fields

A technology that emits an isolated time-spacial rupture field, dispersing harmful energy into alternate timelines. 175,000 x 3 Research Light Meta-Chron Shield
Meta-Chron Shield
Heavy Meta-Chron Shield
Meta-Chron Grid

Force Obviation Fields

Implementation of field system upgrades that manifest intelligent behavior within their force radius. Obviation Fields are capable of anticipating and adapting automatically to any type of force and matter, using meta-chron rifts with high precison. 390,000 x 3 Research Light Obviator Shield
Obviator Shield
Heavy Obviator Shield
Obviation Barrier
Obviation Grid

Stealth Systems

By researching this Research Tree branch one will gain access to new and better Jammers and Cloaks. At the beginning of the game, the Proximity Jammer is available for immediate use. Further upgrades are available through this research tree.

Stealth Systems Research Tree
Name Full Description Cost Per Tier Ship Modules Planet Modules

Stealth Systems

The study of advanced stealth technology, used for evading enemy detection 200 x 1 Research Proximity Jammer - Mark II (none)

EM Absorbant Materials

The study of materials that can absorb frequencies of light and other electromagnetic radiation 600 x 3 Research EM Absorbant Panels
EM Absorbant Panels - Mark II
EM Absorbant Panels - Mark III

Sensor Jamming

Special computing research into devices capable of confusing remote sensing equipment 1,200 x 3 Research Sensor Jammer
Sensor Jammer - Mark II
Sensor Jammer - Mark III
Jammer Satellites

Negative Refraction

The study of advanced metamaterials capable of altering the refraction of electromagnetic radiation 2,400 x 3 Research Refraction Panels
Refraction Panels - Mark II
Refraction Panels - Mark III

Wideband Jamming

The study of complex nanocomputers capable of jamming remote sensing equipment of a much wider frequency range 4,800 x 3 Research Wideband Jammer
Wideband Jammer - Mark II
Wideband Jammer - Mark III
Shroud Satellites

EM Adaptive Materials

The study of materials and computing equipment capable of adapting and emulating a variety of surrounding environmental conditions 15,000 x 3 Research EM Adaptive Panels
EM Adaptive Panels - Mark II
EM Adaptive Panels - Mark III

Quantum Jamming

The study of advanced quantum computers and their ability to disrupt and fool remote sensing equipment of all types. 30,000 x 3 Research Quantum Jammer
Quantum Jammer - Mark II
Quantum Jammer - Mark III
Stealth Satellites

Stealth Fields

The study of field emissions that cancel out and/or repeat all radiation in realtime. 55,000 x 3 Research Stealth Field Generator
Stealth Field Generator - Mark II
Stealth Field Generator - Mark III

Subspace Jamming

The study of hypercomputers capable of jamming detection systems that function in subspace. 75,000 x 3 Research Subspace Jammer
Subspace Jammer - Mark II
Subspace Jammer - Mark III
Cloaking Satellites

Cloaking Fields

The study of field emissions that can completely bend incoming radiation around the vessel 120,000 x 3 Research Cloak Field Generator
Cloak Field Generator - Mark II
Cloak Field Generator - Mark III

Anti-Tachyon Jamming

Advanced study of hypercomputing devices that emit rapid pulses of inverse tachyons, causing wide area disturbances to all equipment 290,000 x 3 Research Anti-Tachyon Jammer
Anti-Tachyon Jammer - Mark II
Anti-Tachyon Jammer - Mark III
Anti-Tachyon Satellites

Dimensional Masking

An advanced field emission system that creates a large dimensional cloak around a ship to prevent detection. 580,000 x 3 Research Dimensional Mask
Dimensional Mask - Mark II
Dimensional Mask - Mark III

Inverse Flux Jamming

Disrupts advanced forms of scanning and signal computation systems by rotating through very high energy inverse pulses sent directly through a flux medium. 1,300,000 x 3 Research Inverse Flux Jammer
Inverse Flux Jammer - Mark II
Inverse Flux Jammer - Mark III
Inverse Flux Satellites

Advanced Armor

By researching this Research Tree branch one will gain access to new and better Hulls and Platings. At the beginning of the game, the Titanium Plating is available for immediate use. Further Armor upgrades are available by researching in these fields. Armor should be noted to be notoriously more expensive to research than most other fields, likely due to its importance.

Advanced Armor Research Tree
Name Full Description Cost Per Tier Ship Modules Base Modules

Advanced Armor

The study of new composites and methods for ship armor construction and development 200 x 1 Research (none) (none)

Titanium Improvements

Research into strengthening and enhancing our current titanium armor designs 1,000 x 2 Research Reinforced Titanium Plating
Hardened Titanium Plating
Titanium Base Plating

Whipple Plating

Study of using multi-layered spaced impact plating 3,600 x 3 Research Whipple Plating
Hardened Whipple Plating
Ablative Whipple Plating

Durtanium Alloy

Research into the creation of new superstrong and lightweight alloys from extraplanetary materials 6,000 x 3 Research Durtanium Plating
Reinforced Durtanium Plating
Hardened Durtanium Plating
Durtanium Base Plating


The study of creating huge matrixes of microscopic absorbant supergel that can be used as a new form of armor. 12,000 x 3 Research Microgel Armor
Compressed Microgel Armor
Merged Microgel Armor


Study of a very advanced form of microgel that self-react to any forms of incoming force or energy. 20,000 x 3 Research Nanosphere Plating
Compressed Nanosphere Plating
Merged Nanosphere Plating
Nanosphere Base Plating

Q-Phased Plating

The study of using quantum superposition to phase stack existing plating into armor that can survive intense blasts 35,000 x 3 Research Q-Phased Plating
Reactive Q-Phased Plating
Overcharged Q-Phased Plating

Nexus Grids

A study of a nanite-constructed, superdense material known as a nexus grid 75,000 x 3 Research Nexus Armor
Compressed Nexus Armor
Merged Nexus Armor
Nexus Base Plating


The study of creating reliable armor from material in the cores of neutron stars 150,000 x 3 Research Neutronium Armor
Core Neutronium Armor
Deep Core Neutronium Armor
Neutronium Base Plating

Fermionic Unification

A hyper advanced procedure that consumes and binds raw fermions together into a megadense plate. 350,000 x 3 Research Fermionic Armor
Stablized Fermionic Armor
Perfect Fermionic Armor
Fermionic Base Plating

Syncopated Phase Matter

An extremely complex form of solid matter that involves many layers of fermionic compressions in a tuned parallel phase. In its stable form, the matter is sealed completely, even from weapons that use phase or dimensional modulation. 800,000 x 3 Research Syncopated Plating
Stabilized Syncopated Plating
Perfect Syncopated Plating
Syncopated Base Plating

Defensive Systems

By researching this Research Tree branch one will gain access to new and better Thrusters, Dampeners, and Arrays. At the beginning, the player has access to the Autopilot Console. Further defensive upgrades are achieved through this tree.

Defensive Systems Research Tree
Name Full Description Cost Per Tier Ship Modules Base Modules

Defensive Systems

The study of systems that enhance the evasive capabilities of ships, and allow automated quick response from internal sensors. 200 x 1 Research Autopilot Console - Mark II (none)

Evasive Thrust

The study of altering existing thruster designs to allow for quick manuevers in combat 600 x 3 Research Maneuvering Thrusters
Maneuvering Thrusters - Mark II
Maneuvering Thrusters - Mark III

Motion Compensation

Research into using heavily weighted fluid regions around the ship to activate during heavy movement and compensate for acceleration 1,800 x 3 Research Motion Compensator
Motion Compensator - Mark II
Motion Compensator - Mark III
Structural Stabilizer

Inertial Dampening

A replacement for motion compensators that uses graviton emitters to dampen the effect of quick acceleration 3,600 x 3 Research Inertial Dampeners
Inertial Dampeners - Mark II
Inertial Dampeners - Mark III
Inertial Dampening Array

Spacial Thrusters

An advanced thruster design that produces intense acceleration forces and can instantly change ship direction and orientation in combat. 6,000 x 3 Research Spacial Thruster
Spacial Thruster - Mark II
Spacial Thruster - Mark III

Inertial Cancelation

Advanced form of inertial nullifiers that operate externally to completely block any gravitic forces that result from movement. 12,000 x 3 Research Inertial Canceler
Inertial Canceler - Mark II
Inertial Canceler - Mark III
Inertial Canceling Array

Microwarp Nacelles

A significant modification to existing warp nacelles that allows for instant travel to spaces within a very close distance, allowing the ship to easily dodge enemy attacks. 25,000 x 3 Research Microwarp Nacelle
Microwarp Nacelle - Mark II
Microwarp Nacelle - Mark III

Phase Shifting

Research into using phase energies to put the ship partially out of phase, preventing direct hits from most weapons 45,000 x 3 Research Phase Shift Engine
Phase Shift Engine - Mark II
Phase Shift Engine - Mark III
Phase Shift Array
Quantum Overlays An extremely advanced type of phase shifting that keeps only essential systems (like weapons) partially in phase while the rest of the ship stays completely out of phase with normal space. 85,000 x 3 Research Quantum Overlays
Quantum Overlays - Mark II
Quantum Overlays - Mark III

Energy Nullification

A technology that rapidly transforms incoming harmful energy to tiny bits of matter, which is easily deflected by the ship 175,000 x 3 Research Energy Nullifier
Energy Nullifier - Mark II
Energy Nullifier - Mark III
Energy Nullification Array

Trans-Temporal Travel

A superior advancement to other engine technology that extends microwarp fields slightly into the 4th dimension, allowing a ship to make rapid spacetime adjustments as a defensive measure. 350,000 x 3 Research Trans-Temporal Nacelle
Trans-Temporal Nacelle - Mark II
Trans-Temporal Nacelle - Mark III
Trans-Temporal Array

Exergonic Inversion

A superior advancement in energy nullification technology. Instead of canceling harmful energy signatures, exergonic inversion allows the forces to be re-routed and used to defend against even more intense sources. 700,000 x 3 Research Exergonic Inverter
Exergonic Inverter - Mark II
Exergonic Inverter - Mark III

Entropy Field Warping

A complex drive system that greatly expands the sub-dimensional range of avoidance. When performing trans-temporal adjustments using augmented entropy fields, ship movements are also virtually impossible to predict. 1,400,000 x 3 Research Trans-Entropy Drive
Trans-Entropy Drive - Mark II
Trans-Entropy Drive - Mark III
Entropy Field Array

Advanced Sensors

By researching this Research Tree branch one will gain access to new and better Scanners. The player starts out with the Proximity Sensor, but far more powerful scanners are unlocked as the player progresses. Scanners are necessary for finding planets to colonize and improve.

Advanced Sensors Research Tree
Name Full Description Cost Per Tier Ship Modules

Advanced Sensors

Research into detection, location, and analysis of remote planets and ships 200 x 1 Research Proximity Sensor - Mark II

EM Scanning

The study of scanners that can detect and analyze a wide range of the electromagnetic spectrum 600 x 3 Research EM Scanner
EM Scanner - Mark II
EM Scanner - Mark III

Wideband Scanner

An advanced EM scanner system that can fully analyze the entire electromagnetic spectrum with high sensitivity. 1,800 x 3 Research Wideband Scanner
Wideband Scanner - Mark II
Wideband Scanner - Mark III

Multiwave Sensors

An advanced computational sensing system that transmits carrier signals through warp fields, allowing high signal resolution at much higher distances. 3,600 x 3 Research Multiwave Sensor
Multiwave Sensor - Mark II
Multiwave Sensor - Mark III

Subspace Sensors

An advanced multiwave sensor that sends and receives signal data through subspace, allowing high resolution of information at extremely far distances 6,000 x 3 Research Subspace Sensor
Subspace Sensor - Mark II
Subspace Sensor - Mark III

Quantum Resonance Sensors

A complex sensing system that analyzes the quantum resonance of all entangled matter in range, allowing for detection of even advanced cloaked ships and planets 12,000 x 3 Research Quantum Resonance Sensor
Quantum Resonance Sensor - Mark II
Quantum Resonance Sensor - Mark III

Sub-Dimensional Sensors

Sensors that can rapidly detect information emerging from a variety of sub-dimensional folds, revealing elements that are normally extremely difficult to detect. 45,000 x 3 Research Sub-Dimensional Sensor
Sub-Dimensional Sensor - Mark II
Sub-Dimensional Sensor - Mark III

Tachyon Sensors

Advanced sensors that emit rapid tachyon pulses, allowing the complex detectors to accurately predict the locations and state of objects even if they are completely invisible. 75,000 x 3 Research Tachyon Sensor
Tachyon Sensor - Mark II
Tachyon Sensor - Mark III

X-Manifold Sensing

Hyper complex sub-dimensional sensing equipment, capable of detecting x-manifold vibrations instantaneously across vast distances 130,000 x 3 Research X-Manifold Detector
X-Manifold Detector - Mark II
X-Manifold Detector - Mark III

Hyperflux Signaling

A method of tapping into the spacial flux itself, transmitting and receiving signal data with incredible precision. Hyperflux transmissions can theoretically travel any distance without loss of resolution. 290,000 x 3 Research Hyperflux Sensor
Hyperflux Sensor - Mark II
Hyperflux Sensor - Mark III

Continuum Analysis

A vastly superior sensory computational method that can accurately predict the movement and velocity of matter scaled in the entire hyperflux transmission medium. Cloaked spacial regions are detected through tiny anomalies in the macro dataset. 700,000 x 3 Research Continuum Analyzer
Continuum Analyzer - Mark II
Continuum Analyzer - Mark III
  • End of this Research Tree branch for the Time Being. No more Advanced Sensors can be researched at this time! Stay tuned for updates!

Planetary Construction

The following starting structures are available to all players right from the start of the game: Surface Mine, Research Station, Surface Scanner, Orbital Minefield, and Surface Bunkers.

By researching this Research Tree branch one will gain access to new and better Structures.

Planetary Construction Research Tree
Name Full Description Cost Per Tier Planet Modules

Planetary Construction

Research into construction techniques and designs that fit a variety of planetary types and sizes. 200 x 1 Research

Advanced Robotics

The study of advanced autonomous drones and sentries that can perform a variety of planetary tasks 1,000 x 3 Research


The design of massive planetary structures that can support full ecosystems 2,000 x 1 Research

Nano Assembly

Research into assembly structures and devices that use microscopic nanites for very high precision 4,000 x 3 Research

Deep Extraction

The study of combining macro and microrobotics to safely probe entire planetary structures 8,000 x 3 Research


The study of massive structures that extend kilometers beneath and above planetary surfaces. 15,000 x 1 Research

Global Meshing

Study of creating planet-wide smart networks of tiny mobile robotic devices. 30,000 x 3 Research

Quantum Assembly

The study of constructing and manipulating devices and structures at the quantum level 65,000 x 3 Research

Astro Binding

The study of integrating planetary structures with non-terrestrial structures, like man-made moons, augmenting the planet in ways never before possible. 95,000 x 1 Research

Gravshell Construction

A significant upgrade to mesh technology. Gravshells are enormous self-suspending structures that surround the entire planet, optimizing resource utilization and extraction capabilities 140,000 x 3 Research

Stellar Engineering

A hyper advanced form of colossal-scale astro construction that links the planet with massive buildings constructed around its star. Stellar structures require significant resources to produce. 300,000 x 3 Research

Trans-Core Hubs

A vast improvement to Astrocore technology that connects huge extra-planetary structures together through dimensional hubs, allowing colonists to move freely around them in massive numbers. 500,000 x 1 Research

Star Lifting

An evolution of stellar technology that allows the lifting (extraction) and transformation of matter directly from a star. Star Lifting can provide a massive amount of production to its host planets. 1,100,000 x 3 Research

Topopolis Rings

Topopolis Rings are modular torus-shaped mega-population structures that extend around a host star. Trans-Core conduits built within the Topopolis provide easy access to planetary systems for transportation of materials as well as the general population. 1,900,000 x 1 Research

Legion Base Research

By researching this Research Tree branch, one will gain access to new and better Special Base Modules, allowing you to contribute to the construction of a legion base. Legion bases provide several player and legion bonuses, and reward those that help in their construction, maintenance, and upgrade.

Base Construction Research Tree
Name Full Description Cost Per Tier Special Base Modules

Advanced Logistics

The study of Legion Base management, structure, and operation.

Note: First level is the minimum needed for contributions during Base Construction Phase and Base Level 1

1,000 x 3 Research Asteroid Extractor
Science Bay
Base Factory

Galactic Commerce

The tracking and distribution of financial assets throughout many galactic networks. 5,000 x 1 Research Commerce Bay

Spacial Docking

The application of strong pylon attachments to dock and maintain ships of various sizes. 20,000 x 2 Research Space Dock
Repair Bay

AI Logistics

Advancements in automated Logistics, aided by artificially intelligent central command systems

Note: First level is the minimum needed for contributions to the Base at Level 3

50,000 x 3 Research Mining-Drone Bay
A.I. Bay
Automated Factory


Formal systems used to enhance diplomatic relations with other legions and cultures. 100,000 x 1 Research Embassy
Mission Control Center

Hybrid Theory Dynamics

New methods and techniques for cooperative involvement in studying advanced prototypes and designs within a legion base. 250,000 x 1 Research Collective Theory Lab

Sub-Quantum Logistics

The use of sub-quantum manipulation to streamline the acquisition and distribution of materials and goods throughout a legion trade network.

Note: First level is the minimum needed for contributions to the Base at Level 5

500,000 x 3 Research Sub-Quantum Harvester
Sub-Quantum Core
Quantum Fabricator

Phase Transference

The complex process of harmonic phase transfer between a legion base and surrounding vessels. 1,000,000 x 1 Research Shield Charging Station

Dimensional Logistics

Complex manipulation of spacial rifting, allowing a base to control mass delivery and acquisition of resources.

Note: First level is the minimum needed for contributions to the Base at Level 6

5,000,000 x 3 Research Material Transporter
Sentience Core
Rift Fabricator

Universal Maintenance

Adaptive methods and facilities that allow a base to optimize the working components of ships, regardless of their design origin. 10,000,000 x 1 Research Universal Service Terminal

Hyper Logistics

Cutting-edge advancements in hyperflux manipulation and delivery methods.

Note: First level is the minimum needed for contributions to the Base at Level 7

30,000,000 x 3 Research Base HyperLifter
Base HyperCore

Overall Totals

The following table gives the total research required in each branch of the research tree, and the number of tiers and sub-tiers per branch. This is for information only, ask on the forum or check with your legion mates to get an idea of which branch you should be working on at any given time.

Research Branch Number of Research Tiers Sub-Tiers (a.k.a. Levels) Total Research Required
Advanced Weapons 14 40 6,581,000
Advanced Power Systems 20 50 20,055,600
Shield Systems 12 33 2,221,400
Stealth Systems 13 37 7,422,200
Advanced Armor 11 30 4,357,000
Defensive Systems 13 37 8,412,200
Advanced Sensors 11 31 3,792,200
Planetary Construction 14 30 7,456,200
Legion Base Research 11 22 118,048,000

Overall Totals: 178,345,800 Research over 119 tiers and 310 sub-tiers.

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