Adumbrate Station

Artifact: Adumbrate Station
Type Structure
Target Your Planet
Number Available
Usage Cost (Energy) None
Send No
Share No
Scrap Yes
Scrap Value 3 - 7 CTP
Structure: Adumbrate Station
Size 1
Structure Limit 2
Extractable Yes
Resource Production
Mining -
Artifact 1
Research 1
Attack -
Defense -
Cloak 200
Population -
Invasion Defense -

Base Combat Reward Artifact

Constructs an Adumbrate Station on your planet.

Available from:

Level 5 Base Crates (uncommon)
Level 6 and 7 Base Crates (common).

Artifact Type: Planet structure
Number Available: Unlimited
Cost in Artifact Points: N/A
Cost in GP: N/A
Cost in Energy to Use: 0
Artifact Effects:

Size: 1
Research: 1
Artifact: 1
Cloak: 200

Artifact Limit: 2 per planet
Alternate Uses: None
Upgrades With: Adumbrate Station Upgrade
Scraps for: 3 to 7 ctp
Share: N/A
Send: N/A
Image: Adumbrate Station

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