Allovore Entity

Allovores seek out and feed on rich metallic sources. Their digestive process is quite destructive not only to planets and colonies that they target, but also to ships that manage to catch their attention.

Rank: Matched
Shields: None
Hull: Scaled: Unknown
Abilities: Allovoric Corrosion (Will somtimes corrode the systems of attacking ships, lowering attack by 50% temporarily)
Attack: Scaled: Unknown
Defense: Scaled: Unknown
Cloak: None
Rewards: Allovore Coating, Gauss Chain
Expires: No
Experience Earned on Kill: 20

Rank Stats

Rank Shields Hull Attack Defense
130 - 9,600 1,770 2,680
156 - 10,800 1,917 2,898
197 - 12,000 2,710 4,090
441 - 18,000 6,130 9,220
505 - 19,200 7,030 10,520

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