Assault on Crimson Deep-6



Mission Briefing

Standard Mission Length: 3 days

We've discovered a massive base of operations for the Crimson Blades: Deep-6. Its defenses are formidable, so an assault of this scale must be done with precision and speed.

Rewards (If Sucessful): 5 Relic Badges (awarded to all ships with completed, non-failed tasks)

(FAILURE THREAT): This Mission has one or more tasks that may automatically fail, check notes.

Comm Log

You will need to assemble a larger assault team for this.
What are the objectives ?

This is a planetary base... almost the size of a city. Get a team inside, gather the intel, and destroy it while making an exit.
That will require a close-quarters ground assault.

You'll be unable to penetrate the defenses from orbit, anyway. You'll be getting in close on this one.
What is the plan for getting in ?

The base is surrounded by cloaked sniper drones. It is critical that the snipers be removed by members of your team before your assault takes place.
How many snipers are there ?

We don't have an exact count, but you'll probably need to take out at least 50 before your assault team is safe to proceed.
Are there any other defenses we should be aware of ?

This is not an isolated location. The Crimson Blades will likely send reinforcements.
We will assign some of our team to deal with them.

Good luck.



Task 1: Disable Sniper Drones

The cloaked snipers around the base will easily pick off anyone attempting an assault. Find and disable as many as possible before the assault begins.

Task Type NPC Hunt
Requires: Disable 10 Crimson Sniper Drones
Rewards: 1 Sniper Drone (on completion)

Task 2: Assault Base Interior (FAILURE THREAT)

Once conditions permit, assault the base and gather as much intelligence as possible.

Task Type Mission
Requires: 250 energy, 10 Crimson Obelisks (per round) 30 rounds to completion. Per round risks: chance to take 10% max Hull+shield as damage
Completion Requirements: 7,500 Energy, 300 Crimson Obelisks
Rewards: 400 xp, 1 Crimson Intelligence

  • Note: A cumulative total of about 50 Crimson Sniper Drones need to be disabled in Task 1, or pilots joining Task 2 will AUTOMATICALLY FAIL if they attempt the mission before sufficient drones are disabled.

Task 3: Restrict Reinforcements

The position of the base will put our forces at a defensive disadvantage during the assault. Part of the team will need to remain behind and fight off any Crimson Blades that arrive.

Task Type NPC Hunt
Requires: Disable 30 Crimson Blades NPCs
Rewards: 3 Relic Badges (on completion)

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