Bioship Landing Platform

Mission Reward Artifact

Constructs a Bioship Landing Platform on your planet. While installed, the cloaking bonus automatically scales based on the size of the planet.

Available from: the Imminent Conflict mission.

Artifact Type: Planet Structure
Set Duration: Instant, Permanent
Cost in Energy to Use: None
Artifact Effects:

Size: 1
Population: 200
Adaptive Cloak Bonus: See below for planetary size specifics.
Restrictions:  Cannot be used on Gas or Plasma planets

Artifact Limit: 1 per planet
Number Available: 10
Alternate Uses: None
Scraps for: 3 - 6 CTP
Share: No
Send: No
Image: Bioship Landing Platform

Bonus by planet size:

Planet Size Cloak
Mega Colossal 275
Colossal 250
Very Massive 225
Massive 200
Very Large 175
Large 150
Average 125
Small 100
Very Small 075
Tiny 050
Very Tiny 025

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