Breaching the Compound

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The Alarri Sojourn Breaching the Compound The Aperture Principle

Daily Mission Briefing

Well, well, what is this? <<Your Race>> visitors. It's been a while since we've seen any outsiders. If you're here to plunder the factory, however, your timing couldn't be worse. The Warden already accepted our last quota before you arrived.

Mission Dialog:

Prisoners: If you didn't come for the supplies, then I'm unclear why you are here. I'm sure you didn't come all this way to free us.
Ah... This is an Alarri prison colony...

Prisoners: Yes, and you took a big risk coming here. The Consortium will not be pleased when they detect you.
We've ensured that out presence won't be detected.

Prisoners: You've taken control of their towers? Well, this is good news... but, why?
We're after information. An Alarri pod was detected in our space, but it escaped.

Prisoners: Oh... I see...
What do you know about them?

Prisoners: Listen. Our life in forced labor hasn't been kind. If you want our help, we want our freedom. That seems fair, does it not?
You're captive criminals. How can we be sure you even have the information we want?

Prisoners: Let me guess... that pod you speak of - It appeared deep in your space completely undetected. am I correct?
So far.

Prisoners: Help us breach the compound... and we will tell you everything about the pods, including their purpose and location of assembly... which happens to be in the same system as our homeworld.
We have a skilled tracer with us. I'm sure we can track the location ourself from items here

Prisoners: Perhaps, but if I were you, I would take our offer. Those pods could be a great threat to you.
How would you intend to escape if the facility is breached?

Prisoners: We have a contact. Once we are freed, we will give you the remaining information, and you will agree to transmit an encoded message to them. By the time you reach your destination, we'll be gone.
Trovar, what do you think?

Trovar: He indicated that the pods could be a "threat". Given what they do here, that leads me to believe they are referring to a weapon.
My thoughts, as well.

Trovar: It would be wise to know more about this before you enter blindly into their home region. I would take their offer.
Freeing the criminals could be risky, however.

Trovar: They are Alarri criminals. They despise their captors. I don't think they will pose any threat to your mission. I wager that after freeing them, you'll never hear of them again.
Then it is settled. We'll breach the compound.

Prisoners: Perfect. We'll be seeing you soon.

End Transmission.

Mission Image: [1]

Becomes Available Upon: Completing the mission The Alarri Sojourn
Un-gray Requirements: None
Per Round Requirements: Energy 100, 1 Sentry Guard
Per Round Rewards: 210 XP
Per Completion Rewards: 1 Alarri Compound Turret
Per Round Risks: None

Mission Summary:

  • Per 1 Round
Requirements: 100 Energy, 1 Sentry Guard
Rewards: 210 XP
XP Return Ratio: 2.10
  • 30 Rounds/Completion
Requirements: 3,000 Energy, 30 Sentry Guards
Rewards: 6,300 XP, 1 Alarri Compound Turret
  • 14 Completion/Finish
Requirements: 42,000 Energy, 420 Sentry Guards
Rewards: 98,200 XP, 14 Alarri Compound Turrets
This mission can only be completed once per day.

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The Alarri Sojourn Breaching the Compound The Aperture Principle

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