Combat Reputation

Each player has a Combat Reputation and a Battle Reputation that can be viewed by all players. These are useful for getting a quick idea of the battle prowess of players.

Since Battle Reputation / Combat Reputation titles show up next to every players Name and Rank on the battle tab, a lesser title usually marks a player as an easier target that doesn't hit back and will result in them being attacked more often.

Determining Combat Reputation

Combat Reputation is a title each player receives based on the difference between how many times they have disabled other players and how many times others have disabled them (Player Kills - Deaths from Players). NPC kills do not affect this. This title gives an idea of combat prowess and style of play, although the "Player Kills" and "Deaths from Players" numbers tell more.

Combat Reputations
-50 or -more Laughable
-49 to -40 Feeble
-39 to -30 Weak
-29 to -20 Passive
-19 to 10 Balanced
11 to 20 Harmful
21 to 40 Dangerous
41 to 80 Deadly
81 to 160 Menacing
161 to 320 Savage
321 or more Insane

An "Unknown" combat reputation is shown if a player has not attacked once.

An "Unaccomplished" combat reputation is shown if a player has not yet successfully disabled an opponent and has not been disabled themselves.

An "Undefeated" combat reputation can also be maintained as long as the player has successfully disabled opponents but has not been disabled themselves.

Determining Battle Reputation

Battle reputation is a title each player receives based on the running total of the number of attacks the player has made.

Each time a player presses the Attack button in a battle their Battles count increases by one. So this number and title give an idea of how active the player is in battling. NPC battles are included.

It should be noted that a weaker ship (a ship that does less damage) will need to do more attacks to disable an opponent. So Battle Reputation becomes more of a measure of how much energy a player has used doing attacks.

For the mathematically-driven, this amount of energy can be determined by taking the Battle Reputation and multiplying it by 5. (Aka BR = 5000, i.e. Energy spent = 5000 x 5 = 25,000).

Battle Reputations
0 Untested
1 to 24 Beginner
25 to 99 Novice
100 to 399 Experienced
400 to 799 Adept
800 to 1,999 Seasoned
2,000 to 3,999 Veteran
4,000 to 7,999 Champion
8,000 to 15,999 Master
16,000 to 31,999 Grand Master
32,000 to 63,999 Legend
64,000 to 127,999 Grand Legend
128,000+ Epic Legend

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