Complex Tech Parts

Complex Tech Parts, commonly referred to as CTP, are recycled from various advanced modules, received as drops from some NPCs or in crates dropped by them. CTP is required for a couple of Missions, as well as building advanced modules, and for upgrading Legion Bases beyond Level 1.

Along with Kurenite, and more recently Exotic Matter, CTP is often used by many player-to-player Trading Groups, outside of using the Trade Center, as the standard currency for trading in Artifacts.

Available from: scrapping Modules dropped by NPCs and Artifacts received from Missions, as well as from some Base Crates.

Artifact Type: Special
Set Duration: Permanent
Cost in Energy to Use: Varies depending on module built, most have no cost
Artifact Effects: Required to build certain special modules
Artifact Limits: Unlimited
Number Available: Unlimited
Alternate Uses:

Upgrade With: None
Scraps for: None
Share: No
Send: Yes
Image: Complex Tech Parts

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