Dark Badges

Dark Badges are awarded for disabling certain non-player enemy ships. The NPC's that have been confirmed to drop Dark Badges are listed below.

They are used to buy several items from the Battle Market. These items are listed below.

Customized Decoy

Cost: 26 Dark Badges

Choice: provide 10% bonus to defense when battling non-player enemies, or 10% bonus to defense when battling enemy bases. Lasts 8 hours. This bonus is immune to removal from enemy artifacts.

Quantum Accelerator

Cost: 104 Dark Badges

[ Planet Structure - Size:2, Cloak:150, (Choice Production:2) ] Choose mining, research, or artifact when building this structure. The structure will provide 2 production for that resource. (Limit 2)

Magnetosphere Charger

Cost: 120 Dark Badges

Permanently increases a passive ability on the planet (of your choice) by 10% + 50, up to a max of 3500. Choices are: cloak, attack, or defense.

Composite Ray

Cost: 304 Dark Badges

[ Special Weapon - Size:13, Attack:80 ] When first installed, choose 1 permanent bonus to this weapon: 40 Defense, 40 Scan, OR 60 Cloak. Requires Rank 50 or Greater. (Limit 4 per ship)

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