Dark Upgrades

Mission Briefing

You were sent for a replacement Aperture-Key? Its strange that you were given a work order so recently - we've been short on Emitters for weeks. Our supply should return within a few shipment cycles - you can return then.

Mission Image: Image

Your Avatar is Changed in this Mission to Look like a Disguised "Dark" Smuggler as well: Avatar Image

Becomes Available Upon: Complete Furtive Adjustments
Un-gray Requirements: "Cloaking 2000
Per Round Requirements: Energy 400; 1 Unstable Wormhole Emitter
Per Round Rewards: 850 exp
Per Round Risks: none
Per Completion Rewards: Dark Aperture-Key - Opens a portal to the Dark Rootnode, the main black market used by the Dark Smuggler Guild. Reduces your trade tariff cost by half (ie 20% to 10%) for 1 hour. It has a 12 hour recharge and costs 50 energy)

Mission Summary:

  • Per 1 Round
Requirements: Energy: 400, 1 Unstable Wormhole Emitter
Rewards: 850 XP
XP Return Ratio: 2.125
  • 250 Rounds/Completion/Finish
Requirements: 100,000 energy, 250 Unstable Wormhole Emitters
Rewards: 212,500 XP, 1 Dark Aperture-Key

Previous Mission: Furtive Adjustments
Next Mission: none yet

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