Energy (image) is one of the most important resources that you will manage as captain of your ship. Your current Energy reserve is shown by the yellow bar in the upper left portion of your screen (above Hull) along with numbers showing your current usable energy reserve and current energy capacity when full. Players start with 80 energy, provided by 80 Engineers. Having insufficient energy may mean you have to wait on your energy to recharge in order to do anything.


Using Energy

Energy allows you to complete the basic functions of Galaxy Legion, these being...

  • To advance in Missions
  • To colonize, attack and invade Planets
  • To attack and disable other ships and Legion Bases
  • To hack or raid other players
  • To use certain Artifacts
  • To post on Ship Comms (not Legion Comms)
  • To bid on items in The Galactic Trading Center

Gaining Energy

Energy is gained in several ways:

  • Regenerated over time.
    • The base regeneration period is 180 seconds for 1 energy point.
    • The regeneration period is reduced by the amounts and types of Relays, certain Mission Items and Artifacts installed on your ship.
    • The countdown timer to the right of the Energy Bar shows the time remaining until the next energy point is added.
  • Full Energy Refills can be done.
  • Advancing in Rank refills energy reserves to the installed capacity.

Energy Boosting Artifacts

  • Remember to Uninstall any Relays you may have in your ship before using an energy booster
  • Remember to Install any Reactors or Cores you may have in your ship before using an energy booster
Artifact Name Effect Obtained From Event Image
Energy Cube Fully restores energy.

Note: uninstall your relays, uninstall any weapon modules that drain energy, and equip all of your best power cores BEFORE you use the Energy Cube to get the maximum energy recharge possible.

Daily Reward Daily / Ongoing Image
Tri-Matrix Emblem Fully restores hull, shields and energy.

Note: uninstall your relays, uninstall any weapon modules that drain energy, equip all of your best power cores, equip all of your best shields, and equip all of your best hull modules BEFORE you use the Tri-Matrix Emblem to get the maximum energy recharge, shield recharge, and hull repair possible.

Daily Reward Daily / Ongoing Image


Energy can be improved in three ways:

  • Recharge Rate: Installing Relays and certain Mission Rewards and Artifacts onto your ship will reduce the time it takes to recharge one point of energy Energy Charge Rate, allowing you to do more in the game sooner. This often comes at the cost of lowering your max energy capacity, so be careful not to be gone too long, or energy will fill and the benefit is wasted.
  • Energy capacity: Installing Reactors and certain Artifacts onto your ship will increase your maximum energy capacity, thereby letting you get a good night's sleep (or earn a living) without worrying about filling up and wasting regeneration cycles. Installing some of these is often considered essential if you use Relays, to counter the capacity reduction inherent in them.
  • Crew: Purchasing Engineers with Rank Points will permanently increase your max energy. You gain two Engineers (and thus, two max energy) for every rank point spent. Where ship modules come with install and upkeep costs, Engineers take no space and will happily work for free. They also improve your chance of successfully raiding.


Energy will be reduced by using certain Relays and Weapons.
Maximum Energy reduction is 630.


Name Size Charge Rate Max Energy Reduction Upkeep Gained From Image URL
Power Conduit 5 +1 -5 50 CR per day Advanced Power Systems Image
High Energy Relay 5 +3 -10 299 CR per day Superconductive Relays Image
Plasma Relay 5 +6 -20 1,200 CR per day Plasma Relays Image
Wave Conduit 5 +9 -30 4,900 CR per day Wave Conduits Image
Positron Relay 5 +12 -40 20K CR per day Positron Relays Image
X Conduit 5 +15 -50 90K CR per day X Conduits Image
Transconduit 5 +18 -60 405K CR per day Transconduits Image
Isomophic Repeater 5 +21 -70 1,850K CR per day Isomorphic Entanglement Image
Wormhole Relays 5 +24 -90 10M CR per day Wormhole Channeling Image
HyperChannel Relays 5 +27 -120 45M CR per day Flux Vibration Channeling Image


Name Size ATK (Attack) Second Bonus ATK/Deck Gained From Equip Limit Image URL Upkeep per Day
Ion Pulse Ballistae 10 80 -40 Energy 8 NPC: Drannik Ballistae 4 Drannik Weapons Image 125,000 CR
Exotic Pulser 5 30 -10 Energy 6.000 Mission: Slowing the Prejor Advance 3 Exotic Pulsers Image 2,100 CR

Energy Recharge

The recharge rate starts at 180 seconds per energy unit.
This is mostly increased by way of relays.
All other increases come from the Artifact Market or from Mission Tier Rewards.

Energy Recharge Modules

Module Limit Decks Effect Obtained from Cost Seconds Per Energy
Default (none) 180
Omicron Injector 1 0 +10 Charge Mission Completion
1st Tier Reward
Chron-Transistor 1 0 +5 Charge Mission Completion
10th Tier Reward
Krionite Transducer 1 0 +8 Charge Mission Completion
23rd Tier Reward
F.A.T.H.E.R. 2 5 +5 Charge Artifact market 40 GP 147
Silthion T-Plasma Hub 3 5 +3 Charge Silthion Hive Colony 138
HyperChannel Relays 4 5 +27 Charge Flux Vibration Channeling 30
Elios Collector 2 10 +5 Charge Artifact market
Limited Time (July)
56 GP 20
Elios Collector II 2 10 +1 Charge Artifact market
Limited Time (July)
47 GP 18

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