A mineral used for some mid level modules and structures.

Available from: Mineral Shipments or for purchase with credits.

Artifact Type: Building Material
Cost to Purchase: 6,862 CR
Artifact Effects:

Used in the construction of the following planetary buildings:
 Disruption Minefield 
 Stealth Satellites 
 Regional Shield 
 Theory Engine
 Deep Scan Harmonizer
 Deep Core Mine
Used in the construction of the following ship modules:
 Graviton Shearer
 Inertial Canceler Mark III
 Microwarp Nacelle Marks I and II
 Phase Shield
 Nanosphere Plating Compressed and Merged
 Antimatter Reactor Marks III and IV
 Singularity Core Marks I and II
 X Conduit
 EM Adaptive Panels Marks II and III
 Quantum Resonance Sensor 

Artifact Size: 1
Sells for: 5,490 CR
Share: No
Send: Yes
Image: Erixion

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