Exotic Matter


A substance used for some planetary structures and to complete certain missions. Exotic Matter is not a mineral in the traditional sense, but is mined, so is included in this category.

Available from: Mineral Shipments

Artifact Type: Building Material
Cost to Purchase: Cannot be purchased
Artifact Effects:

Used in the construction of the following planetary buildings:
 Exotic Barrier 
 Exotic Turret 
 Exotic Lab 

Number required to complete the mission:
 Mysterious World 100
 Stabilize a Wormhole 100
 Unstoppable Forces 2000
 Temporal Manipulation 4500   
 Exotic Endeavors 1800
 Exotic Revelations 15,000
 Exotic Innovation 75,000
 Slowing the Prejor Advance 12,000
 Futile Interrogation 75,000
 Relentless Blockade 80,000
 Exo-Rift Expansion 100,000

Number required to complete a round of the indefinite mission:  
 Stellar Cartography 2000
 Controlling the Anomaly 6250

Number required to complete the Legion mission:
The Siladon Event Task 3: Suppress Solar Yield 100,000
The Xathe Vortex Task 2: Extract Xathe Gas 120,000
Vorean Extinction Task 3: Bioweapon Research 135,000

Number required for other purposes: 
Convert a Darmos Drone module into a Darmos Drone Ascendant ally: 25,000

Artifact Size: 0
Alternate Use: None
Sells for: Cannot be sold or scrapped
Share: No
Send: Yes
Image: Exotic Matter

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