Foundry of War


Foundry of War


Mission Briefing

Standard Mission Length: 3 days
Image: Foundry of War: Great City

Our War Foundry has never been busier, but the facility itself is showing its age. We cannot allow our enemies to outpace us. It's time to upgrade the Foundry and harden our fleets with new equipment.

Rewards (If Sucessful): 4 Relic Badges (awarded to all ships with completed, non-failed tasks)


Task 1: Perform Mine Yield Tests

Improvements to existing mines can only be made through live tests. Have the team provoke retaliation while setting a number of traps.

  • Note: Must be at least Rank 100 to start this task; however, ships that are not at least Rank 135 cannot even create the Thetacron Mine Traps needed.

Task Type: Mission
Requires: Set a Thetacron Mine Trap on your ship (20 rounds). At 500 xp per Thetacron .. sufficient Thetacrons to complete the mission task will take 10,000 xp.
Rewards: 1 Gammacron Trap Bay (on completion)

  • Gammacron Trap Bay: [Module - Size 25, Attack 60, Defense 60]
    • Activated ability (with 5 charges): Sets a Gammacon Trap for 1 week. (If tripped, the attacking ship will be dealt damage equal to 50% of its maximum hull + shield.)
    • Limit 2 per ship. (Costs 15 Galaxy Points to recharge the module once empty.)
    • Gammacron Trap Bay

Task 2: Gather War Data

Our enemies continue to build defenses against even our best weapons. Assign some of your team to engage our enemy and gather data on their current capabilities.

  • Note: Must have at least 250 max energy to start this task. To place a Mark of War, you must disable an enemy ship, and mark it within 30 minutes and they couldn't have been killed by you 3x in the last 24 hours. Total energy cost is 5k energy + amount of energy to disable 20 ships.

Task Type: PVP Mission
Requires: Place a Mark of War on an enemy ship, 250 energy per placement (20 rounds)
Completion Requirement: (5,000 total Energy required)
Rewards: Rewards: 1 Havoc Coil, ZERO xp from placing MoWs (on completion)

Task 3: Upgrade Foundry Plants

The Plants within the Foundry site are outdated. Assist with the design, and upgrade the existing facility.

  • Note: Must have at least 250 max energy to start this task.

Task Type: Mission
Requires: 250 energy, 7000 research points, 10 Crimson Obelisks (20 rounds)
Completion Requirement: 5,000 energy, 140,000 research points, 200 Crimson Obelisks
Rewards: 450 xp per round (total 9,000 xp), 1 War Foundry Plant (on completion), Size: 1, Mining: 1, Artifact: 1, Research: 1, Attack: 500, Attack: 20%

Models of Success

The following table shows the kind of participation/progress shown to get varying types of success chances. Please note, This is a work in progress and data is in process of being collected (see forum topic).

There may be instances where it seems like there is a big gap in the number of ships on a task. This is not necessarily a requirement, only the most current data available. There may also be different combinations of spread that bring these chances. Partial completions also may be factored in these cumulative requirements. Alternate combinations will be recorded and posted as well in an effort to record the minimum amount needed for varying chances.

Success Chance Task 1
Task 1
Task 2
Task 2
Task 3
Task 3
Full Completions Total Completions (equiv) Info Provided By Date Provided
Certain ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
High ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Fair 0 17 17 0 25 8 42 42 The Wild Hunt 05nov2015
Fair 0 10 5 3 23 0 28 28 Subspace Alpha 18nov2015
Fair 0 3 7 25 20 0 27 28 Zentzu 04jan2016
Fair 0 5 3 64 10 89 13 20 Zentzu 01dec2015
Fair 0 3 5 48 8 8 13 15 Zentzu 03jan2016
Fair 1 0 3 56 7 51 11 15 Tryptonian Empire 23nov2015
Low 0 2 2 73 7 8 9 12 Zentzu 03jan2016
Very Low 0 1 2 2 3 60 5 8 Zentzu 30nov2015

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