Galakis, City of Deals



Mission Briefing

Galakis has quickly risen to become one of the largest trading regions in neutral territory, and we should work on developing a robust trading network with it

Mission Rewards: 4 Relic Badges (awarded to all ships with completed, non-failed tasks)

These are Awarded when the mission time expires, as long as at least 15 legion members complete One task of the mission.

Mission Length: 72 hours
Cost to add an hour: 8 GP
Cost to remove an hour: 8 GP

(FAILURE THREAT): This Mission has one or more tasks that may automatically fail, check notes.

Comm Log

Welcome to Galakis, Commander.
Thank you for meeting with us.

I understand you are interested in establishing some dedicated trading routes with our ports.
Yes, indeed.

We run things a little differently here, but the process should still be familiar.
Of course.

There are 11 agreement sections to review, as well as the usual supplementals. We have a slightly higher tariff in Galakis but we are always willing to negotiate the terms.
How many ports can you make available?

None. Your team will be required to construct your own… at least 5. We have expansion capabilities for many more.
I see.

And that brings us to matters of… security.
What are the areas of jurisdiction?

Our forces patrol within 10 light-hours of Galakis… but the areas outside have grown busy with piracy. Are you able to protect your own transports?
Of course.

Don't underestimate these thieves. I highly recommend sending some of your team to deal with them before it becomes a larger problem, especially along the routes you wish to establish.
We're on it.

Good. I will contact you again after the routes are in place.

End Transmission


Task 1: Establish Planetary Routes (FAILURE THREAT)

Galakis rules require several routes to be created and maintained. This team will be given Route Markers to be used on appropriate colonies. Those asigned to mark routes must refrain from invading any enemy colonies until the mission has ended.

Task Type: Planet
Requires: Use a Galakis Route Marker (20 uses) on a planet calm for 3+ months.
Completion Requirements: 10,000 energy (500 per use of the Galakis Route Marker)
Rewards: 1 Galakis Transport, ZERO xp

  • Note: As stated in the description, invading any enemy planets during the mission will AUTOMATICALLY FAIL this task.

Artifact: Galakis Route Marker
[Temporary Item - Legion Mission]
Places a marker on a planet for 2 weeks, boosting defense by 30% and marking an eligible spot for Galakis Transports. Cannot use on planets attacked in the last 3 months.
Uses: 20
Energy Cost: 500

Artifact: Galakis Transport [Planet Structure: Size: 1, Mining: 1, Artifact: 1, Research: 1]
Also increase mining, artifact, and research storage by 400. Can only be placed on a planet with a Galakis Route Marker.

Task 2: Construct Galakis Entry Ports

Entry Ports allow secure and direct access into Galakis for arriving transports. Construction requires the skill of Builders, Fixers, Merchants, or Physicists.

Task Type: Mission
Requires: 250 energy, 1 Relay Tower Chassis. Must be completed 20 times
Completion Requirements: 5,000 energy, 20 Relay Tower Chassis
Rewards: 400 Experience, Galakis Entry Port (on completion)

  • Note: As stated above, this task may only be accepted by Builders, Fixers, Merchants, or Physicists.
  • Note 2: The comm log states "Your team will be required to construct your own [ports]… at least 5." This could hint at a hidden requirement to complete the overall mission. (UNCONFIRMED)

Artifact: Galakis Entry Port [Planet Structure: Size: 1, Mining: 1, Artifact: 2, Population: 1,000, Defense +10%]

Task 3: Reduce Piracy along Routes

Due to the wealth of goods, piracy is common outside the Galakis security border. Clear the surrounding regions of Galakis Pirates while the routes are being established.

Task Type: NPC Hunt
Requires: Disable 10 Galakis Pirates
Rewards: Galakis Pirate Ray

Module: Galakis Pirate Ray Image
[Module - Size: 18, Attack: 100]
If this weapon is already installed on your ship, this will instead upgrade its stats by 40%, up to a max of 200%.
Scraps for 7-13 CTP

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