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Game guide made by Aggross, a Galaxy Legion player. It has all of the information needed to start playing this game.

NOTE as of August 2nd, 2014: Parts of this guide are outdated, however, it is a good introduction to what things are.


You play the captain of a ship and your goal is to become the most powerful man or woman in the galaxy. You can do this in a number of ways: strength of your ship, number of your legion, most technologically advanced, or a combination of these. But always watch your back. No matter how strong you are, someone else in the galaxy is getting stronger.


When you start you have a small ship and no resources. Your goal is to improve this by improving your ship and increasing the number of planets you colonize. Your first choice is to pick your race and profession. This choice will help you in certain aspects of the game so if you play a certain type of style you should choose a race and profession that will facilitate your style. Don't worry if you feel like you chose wrong as you play because you can change this with Galaxy Points (points you may purchase with real money).

RACES - Aerlen - 20% extra ship defense - Inergon - 10% extra max energy - Human - 10% extra to all experience gains - Konqul - 20% extra ship attack - Sillixx - 10% extra ship size - Vygoid - 20% bonus to research

PROFESSIONS - Merchant - 20% extra cargo space (Inergon, Sillixx, Human) - Spy - 20% extra cloak (Inergon, Konqul, Human, Vygoid) - Physicist - 10% extra shield (Aerlen, Inergon, Vygoid) - Explorer - 10% extra scan (Aerlen, Inergon, Sillixx, Human) - Builder - 50% reduced upkeep (Inergon, Konqul, Sillixx, Vygoid) - Fixer - 20% extra hull strength (Aerlen, Konqul, Sillixx) - Biologist - 10% extra planet population (Aerlen, Inergon, Sillixx) - Excavator - 10% extra artifact production (Aerlen, Konqul, Vygoid) - Miner - 10% extra mineral production (Konqul, Human, Vygoid) - Hacker - 20% extra hacking strength (Aerlen, Human, Vygoid) - Radier - 20% extra raiding strength ( Konqul, Sillixx, Human)

Now after starting there is a very informative tutorial that will explain the layout of the game and the purpose of the bars or sections. At top left you will find 3 bars - Energy, Hull, and Shield. Top right you will find 3 other bars - Experience, Credits, and Research.

ENERGY - this bar is what is used to perform missions, scan planets, hack or raid enemies, colonize planets, or use certain artifacts. This bar will refill over time on its own. Certain modules build will make your max energy larger or make energy refill faster. HULL - Physical part of ship. When reduced to zero your ship is vulnerably to hacking and raiding by other players. This bar will not refill on own, it must be repaired with credits under the SHIP tab. SHIELD - Shield over hull. This is your first line of defense. When ship is damaged your shield will go down first then the hull. Your shield will go down when attacked by a player, when attacking a player, or as a risk when doing missions. The shield will recharge itself over time. EXPERIENCE - Basically when this bar fills, your character will level and you will gain 5 rank points. Rank points are used to improve your ship by adding decks, cargo space, or add crew members to the crew. You can get experience through missions, successfully scanning planets, or when attacking other players. CREDITS - Money. What is used to purchase minerals, build new modules to your ship, and to colonize planets. RESEARCH - What you use to learn new technology. This tech can give you new things you can build on your ship or planets.

Below these bars is a multitude of tab bars that are used to navigate the game.

NEWS - History of things that have happened in the game. Shows planets scanned, history of being attacked, history of being hacked or raided, items traded to you, or location of planets shared to you by others in your legion. Also there is a button that can be used once every 20 hours which will give you a daily reward like credits, artifacts, or research. Last is the NEWS posts that the developer will update with things that are occuring in game that you should know.

SHIP - This bar is where you can add decks/cargo to your ship or crew members with rank points. Also you can build new weapons, shields, defensive hulls, energy improvements, cloaking devises, or scanning devices. To the left of the screen is also a short report of your ship showing how many decks, attack power, defense, cloak, scan, and cargo space. You can repair your ship on this screen.

PLANETS - This tab is will show you all the planets you have knowledge of. At top left is button where you can scan for new planets. Top right will be a set of buttons where you can filter how you look at the list. Like see only your colonized planets, planets that you know that are legion owned, and recently scanned planets. When you click on a planet you can see the following stats - size, type, resources available, population, buildings currently on planet.

LEGION - This bar shows all your friends that are also in facebook that play the game that you have invited into your legion. You can see their lvls and what they have equipped on their ships. Also there is a tab that shows current leaderboards in several categories.

MISSIONS - This bar is where a majority of your experience will be gained. Each mission has a certain cost in energy, a certain risk, a certain amount of experience that will be gained, and sometimes rewards. These rewards could be credits, items, or research. Some missions also have required items that are needed to perform the mission. And some missions also have required ship improvements or history in order to complete (ie kill 3 enemies, hack 50 ships, ship attack power of 100). Also as you complete more missions you can get TIER rewards. These rewards will things like add free modules to your ship.

BATTLE - This is the fun tab where you can attack other players. The tab will show you players closest to your level that your ship can see. If their cloak is better than your scan you won't see them. So if you want to not be attacked as much, increase your cloak. Attacking another player does not take into account your level vs their level as far as I know. It is pure math of offense vs defense and legion bonus (more people in your legion makes you stronger). After reducing a persons shields and hull to zero it opens up the ability to hack or raid them. When you attempt to hack a player it checks your scan and cloak vs theirs. Your hack can be unsuccessful, successful and get research from them, successful and get nothing (their research was at zero), or have a critical hack and learn a random planet that they have scanned. Beware if their scan/cloak is way higher than yours, there can be a reverse hack where they can steal your planet locations. Raiding is very similar. When you successfully raid u can gain minerals or artifacts, but you can also be repelled and reverse raided. As your ship gets more powerful, or you hack, raid, kill more players it can also open new missions.

TRADE - This tab is where you can buy, sell, or trade minerals or artifacts. Also shows your current planetary output of minerals and artifacts from your planets. Your planets will mine minerals and find new artifact points every hour. Important thing to note on artifact points is that the more points you amass before using, the more powerful artifacts you can find. Also when selling minerals there will be a 20% tariff. There is also a tab for special items. These items are used for high level missions or rare modules for your ship. They are gained by various rare or risky missions or from minining.

RESEARCH - This tab is where you will increase your technology so you can build better modules for your ship. At the top will show your current planetary output of research that will be gathered every hour. You can spread your research around to make a balanced character, or you can focus on 1 or 2 that will make you level faster, or your ship more powerful. 1- ADVANCED WEAPONS - lets you make more powerul weapons. Max of 8 built weapons on ship at a time. 2-ADVANCED POWER SYSTEMS - Lets you make Reactors and Relays. Reactors will make your max energy higher while Relays make your energy recharge faster. You can only have 3 reactors and 4 relays on ship. While relays make your energy recharge faster it also reduces your max energy so you will need both in order to level faster. Strategy tip - make sure you unequip your relays before leveling because when you level it will refill your energy bar to 100%. 3-SHIELD SYSTEMS - Build better shields. Max of 5 shields allowed on ship. 4-STEALTH SYSTEMS - Allows you to build cloaking devices. You can have max of 2 jammers and 2 cloaks. 5-ADVANCED ARMOR - Allows you to make better hulls. You can have up to 5 hull improvements on your ship. 6-DEFENSIVE SYSTEMS - Allows you to build better defensive systems to your ship. Defense makes it harder for your ship to be hit (acts like dodge). You can have 4 thrusters and 4 dampeners on your ship. 7-ADVANCED SENSORS - Allows you to build better scanners. You can have up to 5 scanners on the ship at once. 8-PLANETARY CONSTRUCTION - Allows you to make better and more effective building structures on your planets.


First thing to start doing is scanning for planets. You'll need to colonize planets in order to get more minerals (money and parts for modules), artifacts (for temporary or permanant buffs), and research (to improve tech and be able to build better modules). You can get about 3 planets from your first scans. Choose your best one and colonize it. Unfortunately you could be unlucky and get some pretty crappy planets to choose from. Good news is you start off with 10 free Galaxy Points that can be used later on to abandon planets (5 GP per planet abandoned, once every 12 hours). My advice would be to focus on Research at first. A second option would be to have a friend (if they recommended the game) to share a decent planet for you to start with. Then I would focus my research on advanced scanners so you can build modules more powerful to scan for more planets.

Planets come in different sizes (bigger size=more buildings you can put on planet which will farm more resource)

Size of planets from largest to smallest: 1 - Colossal (only a few in the entire galaxy) 2 - Very Massive 3 - Massive 4 - Very Large 5 - Large 6 - Average 7 - Small 8 - Very Small 9 - Tiny 10 - Very Tiny

Planets also have different amounts of resource abundancy (higher abundancy = more resources farmed). They can have MINING, ARTIFACTS, RESEARCH, or a combination of the 3.

Abundancy from More to Less: 1 - X Mega Rich (from 1x mega to 50x mega) - ***[top number of mega is subject to change higher as game progresses] 2 - Ultra Rich 3 - Extremely Rich 4 - Very Rich 5 - Rich 6 - Extremely Abundant 7 - Very Abundant 8 - Abundant 9 - Average 10 - Sparse 11 - Very Sparse 12 - Extremely Sparse 13 - None

Goal is to have the largest Planet with the best Abundancy. You can only colonize a certain number of planets. As you level up you can colonize more planets. And each time you colonize a planet the next planet will cost more to colonize.

Now after you colonize a planet, nothing is gained until you build on it. You want to build what is best for the planet or what you need most to improve your character. You can always change on the fly. Destroy old buildings and build new ones over and over as your needs change.

Different types of buildings: 1 - Research (improves research) 2 - Mining (collect more minerals) 3 - Artifacts (collect more artifact points) 4 - Cloaking (makes it more difficult for other players to scan and find) 5 - Defense (when and if other people attack your planet and try to take it, makes them miss more often) 6 - Attack (makes planet more powerful to repel attackers) 7 - Population (When being attacked population acts as shield/hull for planet - people have to be killed before someone can try and take the planet)


The key to improving your ship is DECKS and CARGO.

DECKS is the amount of space you can use to actively equip items on your ship. These are the items that can be used in attacks, defense, scans, energy improvements. If its not equipped, its not helping you.

CARGO is the amount of space to store unused items, artifacts, special items, and minerals.

Decks and cargo space can be improved through rank points or through rare artifacts found. 1 rank point = 1 deck or 1 rank point = 5 cargo. Each item you own (equipped or unequipped) has a daily upkeep cost. So if your not gonna use it for often or in a long while, it might be better to sell the item and rebuild it when you need it again. If you have enough cargo space you can switch items when you need, like have weapons and defensive items when you want to attack and energy improvement items when you want to focus on leveling. There is a catch though. Each time you unequip an item it reduces its quality by 10%. This doesn't make it less effective, but when it hits 0% it breaks and has a cost to fix it. So over time the switching in and out of items is going to cost you. So find a balance between items needed and cost effectiveness.


Each time you level you get 5 rank points to improve your ship. Your choices are final and cannot be changed, so having a plan helps or you'll find all your points in the wrong spots.

Rank point choices: 1) + 1 Deck (ship size and amount of space available for equipable modules) 2) +5 Cargo (storage space for unequipped modules, minerals, artifacts, and special items) 3) +2 Engineers (increased max energy) 4) +2 Tactical Officers (attack power) 5) +2 Helmsmen (defense) 6) +3 Scientists (increased research)

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