Grivv Prime

Grivv Prime is a massive, heavily fortified prison controlled by the Stryll Order. Its advanced defenses are near impenetrable.

  • Extremely Rare Elite Fortress
  • Top 5 damagers are rewarded
  • Share with Ranks 700 - 3600
  • Ship Image

Rank: 900
Shields: 300,000
Hull: 500,000
Enemy Type: Special (Cannot be attacked under normal circumstances)

  • Mass Purge (Will sometimes purge itself of most negative effects while being attacked.)
  • Stryll infection (will sometimes infect attacking ships, stealing 50 energy and lowering their attack by 50%, This effect stacks)

Attack: 30,000
Defense: 25,000
Cloak: 5,000
Rewards: Stryll Locator Eye , Stryll Confinement Protocols , Rescued Stryll Captives
Expires: After 12 Hours
Experience Earned on Kill: 50

  • Note: Has to be hacked on "actions" page for 200 energy to be able to be attacked for 10 minutes. (Has a 1 hour cool-down)

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