Halcyon Trap

Common Artifact

When applied, an attacking ship has a chance to cause you to become pacified for 2 hours, being unable to attack or be attacked by others. This trap will be removed if you perform any offensive actions against other players.

Artifact Type: Trap, ship
Duration: 2 hours
Cost in Energy to Use: 0
Artifact Effects:

Once tripped, ship cannot attack or be attacked for 2 hours


Scraps for: 7,500 - 30,000 CR
Share: Yes
Send: Yes
Counter With: None
Alternate Uses: None
Image: Halcyon Trap

Restriction: Cannot be applied if you have performed any offensive action in the last 24 hours
Limitaion: Attacking, hacking, raiding, invading, or using artifacts against other players (not NPCs) will void the trap before tripping

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