Hull is one of ten basic ship statistics that define your capabilities in the game. Players start with 50 points of hull integrity. Together with Shield it represents the durability of your ship. Your current Hull integrity is represented by a red bar in the upper left portion of your screen (below Energy, and above Shield).


Damage to your ship first reduces your Shield. Once your shield reaches 0 further damage reduces your Hull. Once your Hull is reduced to 0 your ship is disabled. The greater your hull, the longer this takes to happen. If your ship is disabled, it will need to Repair.

Also, when your hull drops below 10% of its current maximum, you may not take any action against other players or non-player characters (NPCs). You will also be unable to take part in certain missions (these missions will show a requirement of "ship not too damaged"); however most missions can be undertaken even when disabled.

Comparison versus Shields


  • Hull Modules provide more durability per space than Shield Modules. Generally about double the durability at similar research levels.
  • Hull module upkeep costs are much lower than shield modules.
  • Hull damage can be repaired using Credits, shields cannot.
  • Members of your legion can repair your hull damage using credits when you are disabled. They cannot recharge your shields.


  • Hull damage must be repaired manually. Repairs can be done using Credits, special artifacts, using a Base Repair Bay or by increasing in rank level. Credit cost rises with your upkeep: Upkeep/6=Repair Cost. However, this Repair Cost cannot exceed 200M credits. For example, if you had 2B upkeep or if you had 1.2B upkeep, the repair cost would still be 200M. Shields regenerate over time based on your Shield Charge Rate. Shields can also be recharged with special artifacts, a Base Shield Charging Station or by increasing in rank level.
  • If you add or re-install hull modules they will install as fully damaged and needing repair. If your shields are fully charged when adding or re-installing shield modules they will install fully charged.
  • Hull damage can only be repaired using credits once every five minutes.


Hull durability can be improved by installing Hull Modules on your ship. A ship can have up to 5 standard hull modules (platings).

Special artifacts from resource gathering, NPC battles and missions can be used to supplement your hull.

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