Illegal Excavation



Mission Briefing

Standard Mission Length: 3 days
Image: Illegal Excavation - In the Dust Pit

An insider tip has lead to the discovery of an illegal site operated by the Terran Outsiders. The location is heavily defended.

Rewards (If Sucessful): 4 Relic Badges (awarded to all ships with completed, non-failed tasks)

(RESTRICTIVE TASKS): One or more tasks in this mission require specific races or professions.

Comm Log

Terran Outsiders: You are not welcome here.
And you do not belong here.

Terran Outsiders: This site was discovered and developed exclusively by the Terran Outsiders.
...and it lies within restricted territory.

Terran Outsiders: We're not going anywhere. Tell your ships to withdraw. You are wasting your time.
If you do not abandon the facility we will take it by force.

Terran Outsiders: You underestimate our defenses.
Stand down. This is your final warning.

Terran Outsiders: This discussion is over!



Task 1: Eliminate Dropship Activity

The high rate of dropships will impede our ability to sieze control of the area. The dropships are deployed via massive carrier vessels. The Carriers must be found and disabled.

  • Note: Must be at least Rank 200 to start this task.

Task Type NPC Hunt
Requires: Disable 3 T.O. Dropship Carriers.
Rewards: T.O. Heliofield

  • Top 3 damagers on the alerted NPC, plus the one who deals the last hit/disables it (a total of 4 progresses per one dropship), will get credit if they have started the task, making a group effort more appealing.
  • It is possible for a high ranked player to find several dropships and alert them all during the course of the legion mission as long as they have yet to complete their task.
  • Regarding the above paragraph, it is not only possible but usually necessary, as lower ranks will struggle to find the dropships given their rarity.
  • Note: If a mistake is made and someone hits the dropship and should not have, the situation may still be salvageable. Suppose Ship 1 and Ship 2 both hit the dropship for 100k damage each. Ship 3 hits the dropship and should NOT have. They do 50k damage before realizing they shouldn't have gotten on. That leaves 60k damage left that still needs to be done. Ship 4 comes on and does 59k damage, leaving 1k hull left. Ship 5 can finish the remaining damage and 4 ships will still get progress: Ship 1,2,4, and 5. This is possible because Ship 4's damage was higher than ship 3 and the ship that deals the last hit/disables it always gets credit.

Task 2: Hack into Barrier Grid


The Barrier Grid stretches over the entire facility and is difficult to penetrate with weapons. Assign some specialists to take down the grid remotely, and recover any new technology in the process. Requires the skill of Hackers, Physicists, or Spies.

  • Note: Must be at least Rank 100 to start this task.

Task Type Mission
Requires: Professions (Hacker, Physicist, or Spy), 250 Energy, 10,000 Research Points, 1 Quantum Flare. (10 rounds)
Completion Requirements: 2,500 Energy, 100,000 Research, 10 Quantum Flares.
Rewards: T.O. Omnispanner: size: 1, Research: 2, cloak: 100 and 10% defense (must be a hacker, spy, or physicist to install on a planet)

Task 3: Secure Surrounding Space

In order to help prevent further incursions, warnings must be issued to other violators in nearby restricted space.

  • Note: Must have at least Max Energy 400 to start this task.

Task Type Planet
Requires: Use an Annex Warning on an enemy planet with 10 or fewer population. (20 rounds) The Artifact requires 400 energy per use (8000 energy total) and rewards ZERO xp. The Annex Warning effect lasts 48 hours, so planets can be used twice during the same mission.
Rewards: Annex Decree* (Artifact), ZERO XP from Annex Warning uses

  • Note 1 - Removes any active timer for your invade ability. Cannot use if you have already attempted an invasion in the last 4 hours. Requires 500 energy to use. Can not be scrapped.

Models of Success

The following table shows the kind of participation/progress shown to get varying types of success chances. Please note, This is a work in progress and data is in process of being collected (see forum topic).

There may be instances where it seems like there is a big gap in the number of ships on a task. This is not necessarily a requirement, only the most current data available. There may also be different combinations of spread that bring these chances. Partial completions also may be factored in these cumulative requirements. Alternate combinations will be recorded and posted as well in an effort to record the minimum amount needed for varying chances.

  • High Success theory:
 task 1 full / equivalent completions : x
 task 2 full / equivalent completions : 8
 task 3 full / equivalent completions : x
Success Chance Task 1
Task 1
Task 2
Task 2
Task 3
Task 3
Full Completions Total Completions (equiv) Info Provided By Date Provided
Certain ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
High 12 2 8 0 19 16 39 39 The Wild Hunt 05nov2015
Fair 23 4 0 0 16 0 39 40 Zentzu 20aug2017
Fair 11 4 3 0 22 14 36 37 Zentzu 14apr2018
Fair 17 2 3 0 15 0 35 35 The Wild Hunt 05nov2015
Fair 9 2 7 7 19 0 35 35 Chesterton Royal Asylum 08jun2016
Fair 10 6 1 0 22 0 33 35 Project Anarchy 25apr2016
Fair 14 1 1 0 18 4 33 33 Zentzu 17mar2017
Fair 5 5 1 0 25 0 31 32 Project Anarchy 04may2016
Fair 12 6 0 0 17 0 29 31 Zentzu 30oct2017
Fair 4 4 1 0 22 0 27 28 Project Anarchy 03may2016
Fair 6 8 0 0 15 23 21 24 Project Anarchy 23apr2016
Fair 9 11 0 0 7 0 16 19 Zentzu 19aug2017
Fair 3 7 2 0 9 19 14 16 Galaxy Defenders 14aug2017
Fair 7 6 0 0 5 23 12 15 Zentzu 25jan2017
Fair 6 10 1 0 5 18 12 15 Zentzu 15mar2017
Low 5 0 2 0 23 0 30 30 Chesterton Royal Asylum 03aug2016

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