Legion Missions

Legion Missions are similar to standard missions, but have a much more diverse variety of requirements for completion and require more group planning as a Legion.

Legion Missions become available after constructing the Mission Control Center. (Level 4+ base required). Legions should wait until they have at least 15 active members before installing the module, as there are no missions currently available for legions smaller than 15.

Note: Legion must also have a minimum average rank of at least 80-100 for a mission to show, Carthyne Symposium requires 200+ average legion rank.

Once a Mission Control Center is constructed, a LOYAL legion member can start a new mission from the actions tab within the legion base. Missions are randomly selected from the pool of missions available to the legion. Larger and/or higher ranked legions will be eligible for a bigger pool of missions. Once the mission has begun, it will be available via both the Base ‘Actions’ tab, as well as the main ‘Missions’ tab.



All missions are broken up into multiple tasks. Legion members can choose to join a certain task, but they may only join one task per mission, and they cannot change tasks once one is chosen. The legion should decide carefully which members should be devoted to which tasks, based on the task’s requirements, capabilities of the ships, and to ensure a good level of participation in all tasks.

Once a member reviews the mission details, comm, and task descriptions, they may join a task by clicking on the ‘Join’ button in the ‘Tasks’ area.

Some details about the task will only be available once a ship has joined, so its best to communicate with your legion about ships that should join first.

Temporary Items: Some tasks will issue temporary items when joined. These items will only remain for the length of the mission, at which point they will automatically disappear from ships’ cargo. These items are typically used to progress through the task. The items will also have additional details about their requirements and costs in their descriptions.

Failing Tasks: Some tasks have conditions (either actions you must perform first or actions you must not perform) that may cause the task to fail. Details in the mission, comm, and/or task description will provide clues as to what these conditions are. Failed tasks cannot be restarted during the current mission, and will not count towards the overall success chance.

If you join a legion task, that has a failure risk, as soon as you have fully completed that task, then you can no longer fail the task by breaching the failure conditions. However, tasks will also fail immediately if the legion member leaves the legion (and will stay failed even if they return). A ship will still keep any rewards they may have gained prior to the task failing.

Mission Success:

Once a legion mission has run through its timer, the current success chance will be used to determine if the mission fails or succeeds. Successful missions will issue Relic Badge rewards to all ships with completed (and non-failed) tasks. If applicable, the mission will indicate if there are other events that occur after success or failure.

Depending on the number of available ships to participate in tasks (based on the size of the legion, time remaining, etc), the strategy for maximizing the chances of success will vary. A default strategy might be to divide ships evenly between available tasks, but Legions should experiment.

Note that even partially completed tasks count towards the success of a mission, but only completed tasks will issue rewards for the ships completing the specific task.

Even if the maximum number of ships have completed their tasks, the mission will not end until its timer expires.

A legion may choose to alter the remaining time of the mission (either longer or shorter) via the Actions tab, for Galaxy Points.

Relic Badges:

Legion missions reward a number of ‘Relic Badges’, which are a new currency for purchasing special items in the Mission Market. Some tasks may also reward Relic Badges.

Legion Mission Artifacts

Legion Mission Artifacts are acquired by completing specific legion missions. Some are received per completion, whilst others may only be provided when a mission is totally completed. (Click the Legion Mission Artifacts link to see the table for these.)

List of Known Legion Missions:

Round 1

Missions are randomized each legion will get one of several missions to complete, current known missions include.

Round 2

A subsequent batch of Legion missions began rolling out on February 8, 2014 [1]:

  • Note: some of these legion missions may have an legion average rank requirement before they become available [2]

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