Minerals, consist of:

Note that you can also gain Exotic Matter from Mineral shipments. Exotic Matter is NOT a mineral, but it is a rare and extremely useful resource in the game, required in large volumes for high-level missions. Exotic Matter takes up NO cargo space, so it is strongly recommended that players save as much of it as they can.

Gaining Minerals

Minerals are gained hourly through receiving shipments from your mineral producing planets. The exact amount that you get changes depending on how much you have saved in Planetary Production, but there are limits on the maximum amount that can be stored at any one time. This limit can be increased through colonising planets and through building special buildings on those planets.

As you can see from the list above, there are a diverse range of minerals in Galaxy Legion. When you collect minerals, the game randomly splits the size of the shipment received between the different available types of minerals, your current rank, and the rarity of the Minerals; the above list shows the Minerals in order of rarity, with Dynite being the most common Mineral and Aidonium being the (current) rarest. More minerals may be added in future. Note that it is not generally possible to receive Aidonium from Mineral shipments until you reach rank 160.

Until rank 160, Kurenite is the rarest Mineral that players will see, although it may be some time before new players first see Kurenite in their shipments. Some players have postulated that it depends on your level, but it IS possible to obtain Kurenite at Level 20 with a full shipment and 6 planets doing nothing but high level mining. This isn't exactly a wise investment (you'll be rich, but have no artifacts or research to spend it on), but it is certainly an option. If you are getting poor mineral shipments, then try and save up more, or increase your cargo space so that you can receive more minerals at a time. However much level factors into it, it is not a strong gauge of what you will receive.

Minerals are gained by receiving mineral shipment. A shipment can be found on the Trade tab of the game. In there, assuming that a planet has been colonized and is producing minerals, a countdown called "Planetary Production Output" will be displayed, counting down until the next shipment of minerals is received (this countdown resets once every hour). Below this counter is a "Resource" column, with the row "Minerals". Next to it is the amount of minerals that is currently being produced per shipment. The "Total Planet Capacity" is the maximum amount of minerals you can have stored, ready to "Receive Minerals Shipment".

The number of minerals that will be obtained in a shipment depends on how much has been stored up. If 1,500 minerals have been stored, then pressing the button "Receive Minerals Shipment" will net 1,500 minerals of assorted kinds (assuming that the owner of the planet has in excess of 150 cargo space free on their ship). However, if, for example, you have 7,500 minerals stored, but you have only 150 cargo free (You'd need 15 planets for this example to work, so a minimum of level 56), then you would have a SIGNIFICANTLY higher chance to receive Kurenite or similar ores than you would if you only had 1,500 minerals. Level plays no part in this.

Uses of Minerals

All minerals can be sold and are used to create Structures and Modules. Selling minerals becomes the "best" way to earn Credits at later ranks. It is also easier and more Energy efficient then gaining Credits through Missions.

Here is the Current market Price on the minerals when Buying from the market. (When selling to the market you are charged a 20% tariff on ALL minerals)

Mineral Buying Prices
Mineral Buying Price
Dynite 11 CR
Chrisium 95 CR
Darrinyte 1,151 CR
Hydium 3,981 CR
Erixion 6,862 CR
Pawlacite 39,702 CR
Dieterion 131,379 CR
Dysillon 473,441 CR
Kurenite 1,502,201 CR
Aidonium 17,677,527 CR

Special Inventory

There are some Items that are classified as special in your inventory. These materials can vary in weight and are used in special missions, structures, and weapons.

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