RSL Anti-Cryptex

NPC-Dropped Artifact

Adds 10 completion steps to the mission Decrypting the Vault. Mission must already be in progress for credit.

Available from: The Common NPC Rogue Data Analyzer

Artifact Type: Mission
Set Duration: Instant
Cost in Energy to Use: 0
Artifact Effects: Rounds +10 (up to 45 artifacts may be used)
Alternate Uses:


  • Rogue Data Analyzers only appear while the mission Decrypting the Vault is active.
  • You must spend energy on at least one round before RSL Anti-Cryptex will advance the mission and if you use RSL Anti-Cryptex on this mission, the first completion you can use 9 (uses = 9 - #completions), the second 8, the third 7, etc., etc. for a total of 9+8+7+6+5+4+3+2+1+0 = 45. To emphasize, *zero* RSL Anti-Cryptex may be used during the final completion.
  • This artifact is not required for mission completion (it just helps complete it more quickly).

Scraps for: 29000 - 116000 credits
Share: No
Send: No
Image: RSL Anti-Cryptex

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