Radiant Surge Cannon

Radiant Weapons

Currently only one type of Radiant Weapon is available, the Radiant Surge Cannon, however it comes in nine (9) versions, stats set depend on Rank when new weapons are first installed.

Radiant Surge Cannons are obtained by purchasing the Radiant Surge Cannon artifact from the Artifact Market at a price of 48 Galaxy Points. When the Radiant Surge Cannon artifact is used from your trade menu, a Radiant Surge cannon will be created and installed on your ship. The Radiant Surge Cannon that is produced changes depending on what your ship's rank is at the time the artifact was used to create the weapon.

Note: if your level increases whilst you have have one of these weapons, the Cannon will NOT upgrade to match your new level; you will need to buy a new Radiant Surge Cannon for more Galaxy Points. The actual cost of the Cannons is the same regardless of your level.

The highest Cannon observed on a player is the Mark IX (9). It is believed that this is the highest available level, as there are players at level 1700+ that still have Mark IX's installed. Note that whilst the Mark IX's are the most powerful Surge Cannons, they have a WORSE damage-deckspace ratio that the Mark VIII's (8's). They are therefore not as powerful as they *should* be, and second only to the upgraded Dominion Cannon Mark III.

Radiant Surge Cannon Weapons
Version Size (ATK) Attack ATK/Deck Upkeep Cost Sells for/
Repair Cost
Rank Range Equip Limit
Mark I 9 40 4.44 250 CR 5,000 CR Ranks 1 - 99 2 Radiant Weapons
Mark II 12 60 5.00 25,000 CR 250,000 CR Ranks 100 - 199 2 Radiant Weapons
Mark III 17 100 5.88  ?? CR  ?? CR Ranks 200 - 299 2 Radiant Weapons
Mark IV 20 150 7.5 250,000 CR 5,000,000 CR Ranks 300 - 399 2 Radiant Weapons
Mark V 24 200 8.33  ?? CR  ?? CR Ranks 400 - 499 2 Radiant Weapons
Mark VI 30 300 10 25,000,000 CR 350,000,000 CR Ranks 500 - 599 2 Radiant Weapons
Mark VII 36 400 11.11 100,000,000 CR 1,000,000,000 CR Ranks 600 - 699 2 Radiant Weapons
Mark VIII 40 550 13.75 128,600,000 CR 1,500,000,000 CR Ranks 700 - 799 2 Radiant Weapons
Mark IX 50 675 13.5 200,000,000 CR 4,000,000,000 CR Ranks 800+ 2 Radiant Weapons

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