Silthion Hybrid Cluster

Hybrid Silthion Colonies can synthesize their own T-Plasma, and are thus much more dangerous than hives in and around the Vorigar Expanse.

  • Extremely Rare Hive Boss (Mission-Exclusive)
  • Top 10 Damagers are rewarded
  • Shares with Ranks 900-3800
  • Ship Image
  • Randomly spawns while the Controlling the Silthion mission is active.

Rank: 1000
Shields: 0
Hull: 3,000,000
Abilities: Engulfing Swarm (Will sometimes release a swarm around attacking ships, reducing NPC attack by 99%. This can only be removed with Swarm Dispersement), Hive Frenzy (50% boost to Attack for 30 minutes), Hive Mind (Immune to Improved Mind Influence)
Attack: 50,000
Defense: 45,000
Cloak: 2500
Rewards: Silthion T-Plasma Vesicle, Silthion Thermal Regulator, Silthion Hybrid Utricle (Estimated drops 50%/25%/25%)
Expires After 24 Hours
Experience Earned on Kill: 50

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