Your Ship Statistics go a long way towards defining (and in some cases, limiting) what you can do in the game. There are 10 ship statistics, which can be permanently improved through the use of Rank Points, by receiving temporary boosts through the installation of equipment on your ship, or both. Note that ship equipment must be researched before it can be used. Managing these stats as you progress through the game will be one of your major focuses as captain of your ship.

Statistic Rank Point Improvement Ship Equipment Research Tree Common Artifact or Daily Reward Improvement1,4 NPC-Dropped Improvement (repeatable)1,2,4 Limited Improvement2,3,4
Deck Decks N/A N/A Ship-Bots (P) Lazuli Parts Vault (P) Prototype Engineering Bay (P)
Cargo Cargo Holds N/A N/A Mass Storage Pod (P), Tesseract Container (P)
Attack Tactical Officers Cannons (Weapons) Advanced Weapons Ancient Crystal Foci (T), Crimson Obelisk (T) Crimson Amplifier (T) Experimental Crate (P), Crux Amplifier (T)
Defense Helmsmen Thrusters and Dampeners (Defenses/Shields) Defensive Systems Android Helmsmen, Grid Console XRP Warp Fuel (T) Experimental Crate (P), Taltherian Def-Opt (P)
Scan N/A Sensors and Scanners (Devices) Advanced Sensors Tachyon Cylinder (T), Subspace Seeker (T), Continuum Beacon (T) Stryll Seeker (T) Prejoran Decrypted Data (T)
Cloak N/A Cloaks and Jammers (Devices) Stealth Systems Dark Pyramid (T) Stealth Optimizer (T)
Energy Engineers Reactors and Relays (Energy) Advanced Power Systems Energy Cube (R), Tri-Matrix Emblem (R) Silthion Energy Sac (R) Prototype Engineering Bay (P), Experimental Crate (P)
Hull N/A Platings (Hull) Advanced Armor Durtanium Brackets (P), Repair Nanodrones (R), Tri-Matrix Emblem (R) Lazuli Parts Vault (P), Lazuli Microfuser (P)
Shield N/A Shields (Defenses/Shields) Shield Systems XCharge Cells (P), Tri-Matrix Emblem (R), Shield Amplifier(T), Shield Restorer (R) Lazuli Parts Vault (P), Lazuli Microfuser (P) Tarlis Barrier Cells (P)
Research Scientists N/A N/A Android Scientist (P) Rescued Scientists (P), Rescued Specialists (P) Kronyn Evac Pod (P), RSL Memory Vault (P), Prototype Engineering Bay (P), Experimental Crate (P)

1 Rescued Prisoners and Rescued Stryll prisoners are not included as they are essentially the same as rank points.
2 Modules received for disabling NPCs or completing missions come under "Ship Equipment"; therefore only non-module items which directly affect the statistic (temporarily or permanently) are included in these columns.
3 "Limited" refers to Mission rewards, Mission NPC drops, Seasonal NPC drops, Seasonal Mission rewards, or Combat Badge items, which are only available a certain number of times in the whole game. It also includes Collective Theory Lab (CT-Lab) items, which require access to a legion with a CT-lab, sufficient research (Hybrid Theory Dynamics), and the necessary artifacts and energy to create.
4 Items in the final 3 columns are followed by (P) for permanent improvement, (T) for temporary buffs, or (R) for refill/repair.

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