The Xathe Vortex


Mission Briefing:

Standard Mission Length: 3 days
Image: Xathe Vortex


A massive vortex has appeared in the Xathe nebula. As quickly as it appears, it begins to close. Analyze as much of the vortex as possible, extract material samples, and stay on alert.

Mission Rewards: 4 Relic Badges (awarded to all ships with completed, non-failed tasks)

These are Awarded when the mission time expires, as long as at least 15 legion members complete One task of the mission.

Mission Length: 72 hours
Cost to add an hour: 8 GP
Cost to remove an hour: 8 GP


(At least 15 members must complete one of these tasks)

Task 1: Capture Vortex Entities

Image: Vortex Entity Task
Description: Pulsing energy formations frequently arrive from the vortex. These entities are attracted to the energy fields of our ships, and must be captured and removed in order to keep the extraction area safe.
Per Round Requirements: Use 10 Vortex Entity Enclosures (100 energy per use, scrap value 8,000 to 32,000 credits) on 10 Xathe Vortex Entities when shield has been depleted. The Entities expire from the battle tab after 1 hour, as does the Enclosure effect. Once the effect is used on the entity, you can either disable them, as the Close Encounters medal requires one to be disabled, or you can let them expire naturally.
Rewards: 1 Xathe Containment Hold (on completion)

Artifact: Xathe Containment Hold
[Ship Module - Size: 25, Energy: 60, Shield: 200, Hull: 200]
If this module is already installed on your ship, this will instead upgrade its stats by 50%, up to 200%.
Scrap Value: 6 - 13 Complex Tech Parts each

Task 2: Extract Xathe Gas

Image: Extract Xathe Gas Image
Description: An energized stream of exotic material will allow the vortex to remain open while gas is extracted.
Rounds: 15
Completions: 1
Per Round Requirements: 250 Energy, 8,000 Exotic Matter
Per Completion Requirements: 3750 Energy, 120,000 Exotic Matter
Per Completion Rewards: 400 Experience (per round), 3x Xathe Gas (Artifact, on use, Provides temporary Ship Effect: +20% Defense for 72 hours -- Immune to removal)

Task 3: Perform Scan Overlay Analysis

Image: Scan Overlay Analysis Image Description: The Xathe Vortex has unusual flux emissions. Assign the team to scan nearby gas planets to determine what effects these emissions have.
Requires: Use a Xathe Scan Overlay on a Blue (Type 1 or Type 3) gas planet, scanned in the last 5 minutes.
-- You will automatically receive 20 of these artifacts in your cargo hold if you accept this task. Scrap value is 5,000-20,000 credits.
-- Players selecting this task will need to scan for new planets, as normal, and then use the artifact (400 energy required per use) on any blue gas planets they find.
-- The artifact can NOT be used on planets alerted to you as they do not count as 'recently scanned'. HOWEVER, if you colonize a blue gas planet alerted and immediately use an artifact on the planet, this will get you progress as it counts as recently scanned. It is recommended this only be done if in a bind on the legion mission.
Rewards: ZERO xp for using Xathe Scan Overlays, 1 Xathe Inhibitor (on completion) (Planet Structure: Size: 1, Artifact: 1, Research: 2, Cloak: +15%, Limit: 1 per planet[?])

Models of Success

The following table shows the kind of participation/progress shown to get varying types of success chances. Please note, This is a work in progress and data is in process of being collected (see forum topic).

There may be instances where it seems like there is a big gap in the number of ships on a task. This is not necessarily a requirement, only the most current data available. There may also be different combinations of spread that bring these chances. Partial completions also may be factored in these cumulative requirements. Alternate combinations will be recorded and posted as well in an effort to record the minimum amount needed for varying chances.

Success Chance Task 1
Task 1
Task 2
Task 2
Task 3
Task 3
Full Completions Total Completions (equiv) Info Provided By Date Provided
Certain ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
High 15 9 15 14 12 0 42 42 The Wild Hunt 05nov2015
Fair 10 2 12 0 11 0 33 33 The Wild Hunt 05nov2015
Low 8 7 16 8 7 0 31 31 Project Anarchy 11mar2016
Low 4 21 6 0 6 0 16 18 Zentzu 16jan2016
Low 2 30 9 22 2 0 13 17 Project Anarchy 09mar2016
Very Low 2 20 6 0 4 0 12 14 Zentzu 15jan2016

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