Trovar Zane, Elite Tracer

Trovar Zane, Elite Tracer (ally image) is an ally that is available after completing the mission, The Alarri Transaction. The artifact can also be scrapped for 6 to 12 ctp (not recommended).

When this ally is first hired it starts at rank 1 and has a max rank of 100. To rank this ally, you must alert a planet that has been in your scan database for less than 12 hours. Each time this ally ranks up, this ally will provide a (2%*rank) bonus to all existing stats.

Upkeep for Trovar Zane begins at 500 million Credits at rank 1 and rises 2% with each rank, so a rank 100 Trovar Zane will cost 1.49 billion in upkeep each day.

Initial Stats

Rank 1: Shield +160 (Before Rank Bonus)

Rank 1: Energy +60 (Before Rank Bonus)

Unlockable Stats

Rank 30: Scan +95 (Before Rank Bonus)

Rank 60: Cloak +5% (No Rank Bonus)

Rank 100: Ability Elite Trace (+5% scan boost for 1 hour)

Bonus Type Rank 1 (+0% Bonus) Rank 30 (+60% Bonus) Rank 60 (+120% Bonus) Rank 100 (+198% Bonus)
Shield 160 253 349 477
Energy 60 95 131 179
Scan NONE 95 131 179
Cloak NONE NONE +5% +5%
Ability NONE NONE NONE Elite Trace

NOTE: Due to the fact that the Ally starts at Rank 1 without a 2% bonus, the Ally only reaches 198% bonus at rank 100

--David r

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