Uncertain Opportunity

The Voliir Chain

Mission Briefing

The Voliir ships have left your territory, but as long as I remain here, the conflict will continue to escalate. My regeneration cycle has completed. If I leave now, I may be able to reach a secluded region of space without being detected.

Mission Dialog

This is my chance for a clean escape...

>Escape? Your people still need your help. How can you leave at such a critical time?

What would you have me do? The Voliir are still in control. If we were to confront them head on, they will not hesitate to sacrifice the entire biofleet. I would rather see my people survive.

>As would we. There may be another option.

To save them? Really?

>The Voliir were relentless in hunting you because you have a rare genetic immunity.


>We believe that we may be able to isolate it.

I suppose its possible... What do I need to do?

>For now, we'll need to setup a lab for extraction and testing.

Ok... if you really believe this plan will work, I will do it for my people.

>You are the key to all of this. Your immunity could be spread to the entire biofleet.

Yes... but do not underestimate the Voliir. They will likely anticipate such a plan.

>We have taken that into account. The delivery system must be untraceable.

I will need to rest briefly before the procedure.

>Of course.

Good. Let me know when the facility is ready.

>End Transmission

Becomes Available Upon: Completion of The Voliir Arrival

Un-gray Requirements: None
Per Round Requirements: 35 energy
Per Round Rewards: 75 XP
Per Round Risks: None
Per Completion Rewards: 1 Bioship Gene Lab

Mission Summary:

  • Per 1 Round
Requirements: 35 energy
Rewards: 75 XP
XP Return Ratio: 2.142
  • 55 Rounds/Completion
Requirements: 1,925 energy
Rewards: 4,125 XP, 1 Bioship Gene Lab
  • 10 Completions/Finish
Requirements: 19,250 energy
Rewards: 41,250 XP, 10 Bioship Gene Labs

Voliir Mission Chain: #4 of 8

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