Vortov, Hired Mercenary

Vortov, Hired Mercenary (ally image) is an ally that can be bought from the Mission Market for 48 Relic Badges. ill unlock stats when it reaches certain ranks, these are provided below.

When this ally is first hired it starts at rank 1 and has a max rank of 100. To rank this ally, you need to use a Mercenary Payment artifact, which can be bought from the Mission Market for 2 Relic Badges. Each time this ally ranks up, this ally will provide a (3%*rank) bonus to all existing stats.

Upkeep for Vortov begins at 2.5 billion Credits at rank 1 and rises 3% with each rank, so a rank 100 Vortov will cost 9.95 billion in upkeep each day.

Initial Stats

Rank 1: Attack +80 (Before Rank Bonus)

Rank 1: Invasion Attack +150 (Before Rank Bonus)

Rank 1: Hull +200 (Before Rank Bonus)

Unlockable Stats

Rank 30: Defense +80 (Before Rank Bonus)

Rank 60: Shield +100 (Before Rank Bonus)

Rank 100: Ability: Mercenary Call

  • Mercenary Call: Reveals a bountied criminal (at random) to your battle list. Spawns a special Bralkir Clan NPC. Can be activated once every 40 hours.

Bonus Type Rank 1 (+0% Bonus) Rank 30 (87% Bonus) Rank 60 (+177% Bonus) Rank 100 (+297% Bonus)
Attack 80 150 222 318
Invasion Attack 150 281 416 596
Hull 200 374 554 794
Defense NONE 150 222 318
Shield NONE NONE 277 397
Ability: Mercenary Call NONE NONE NONE Mercenary Call

NOTE: Due to the fact that the Ally starts at Rank 1 without a 3% bonus, the Ally only reaches 297% bonus at rank 100

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