Weaponizing T-Plasma

Mission Briefing

These new Hybrids aren't responding to our standard T-Plasma Attractors. It seems they have found a way to synthesize T-Plasma within their own bodies. Find some adult specimens - We'd like to know if their ability can be weaponized in some way.

Mission Image: Weaponizing T-Plasma

Un-gray Requirements:  ?
Per Round Requirements: Energy 300; 1 Silthion Drone Gland (Obtained from hunting Silthion Hybrid Drones)
Per Round Rewards: 700 exp

Per Completion Rewards: T-Plasma Gemini Cannon:

Ship Modules, size 15, +160 attack, 2% chance of doing 10% damage (hull & shield combined) to any attacking ship. 3 T-Plasma Gemini Cannons per ship.
Per Round Risks: none

Mission Summary:

  • Per 1 Round
Requirements: 300 energy, 1 Silthion Drone Gland
Rewards: 700 XP
XP Return Ratio: 2.33
  • 30 Rounds/Completion
Requirements: 9,000 energy, 30 Silthion Drone Glands
Rewards: 21,000 XP, 1 T-Plasma Gemini Cannon
  • 3 Completions/Finish
Requirements: 27,000 energy, 90 Silthion Drone Glands
Rewards: 63,000 XP, 3 T-Plasma Gemini Cannons

Silthion Mission Chain: #5 of 5 (Part of the Silthion Extension)
Previous Mission: Silthion Hybrids
Next Mission: TBC

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