Zane's Deal

Daily Mission Briefing

Though none of the merchants we spoke with had any detailed information on the Alarri, one of them has a contact that supposedly has done business with them. His name is Trovar Zane. We've arranged a meeting. See what information you can acquire.

Mission Dialog:

- I hear you are looking for the Alarri.
- You Must be Trovar Zane.

- Yes. I might be able to help.
- What do you know about them? You will be fairly compensated.

- The Alarri... Quiet ones. They mostly do business through their agents, though will occasionally travel through for certain transactions.
- Why are they so secretive?

- They are experienced arms dealers. Discretion is key.
- Where can we find them?

- The Alarri choose their clients carefully. No one here will know their whereabouts... but I might have a way to locate them.
- Explain.

- Several visits ago, I managed to secure a second-hand trade for an Alarri VX-Ordnance. Not an easy thing to acquire.
- What's special about it?

- I happen to be quite adept in subquantum tracing... and this specimen has a pure quantum overlay... another lucky coincidence.
- Tracing is a very specialized skill...curious.

- I have no ties with the Stryll Order, if that's what you're thinking...
- What about the Terran Outsiders?

- I work alone, and frankly, the source of my talents is none of your business.
- Have you already performed an analysis on the Ordnance, then?

- No - It is quite an expensive and delicate procedure, even on the purest of sources. When I heard you were looking for the Alarri, however, I saw an opportunity for... mutual benefit.
- What are your terms?

- Simple. You provide some new equipment and funds to facilitate the trace. I transmit the location it was assembled from.
- We'll give you what you want - but you must agree to remain with us until we find the Alarri.

- Why? You don't trust me?
- No offense, Trovar. We must take every precaution.

- I already told you. I work alone.
- Not this time.

- Well...If I agree to this... I'll need plenty of space to work, and I expect to be treated as an honored guest.
- That won't be a problem.

- Fine... you have a deal.

End Transmission.

Mission Image: [1]

Becomes Available Upon: None
Un-gray Requirements: None
Per Round Requirements: Energy 100, 1 Grid Console
Per Round Rewards: 205 XP
Per Completion Rewards: 1 Subquantum Tracing Console
Per Round Risks: None

Mission Summary:

  • Per 1 Round
Requirements: 100 Energy, 1 Grid Console
Rewards: 205 XP
XP Return Ratio: 2.05
  • 40 Rounds/Completion
Requirements: 4,000 Energy, 40 Grid Consoles
Rewards: 8,200 XP, 1 Subquantum Tracing Console
  • 11 Completion/Finish
Requirements: 44,000 Energy, 440 Grid Consoles
Rewards: 90,200 XP, 11 Subquantum Tracing Console
This mission can only be completed once per day.

Alarri Mission Chain: #3 of 9
Previous Mission: Trade Secrets
Next Mission: The Alarri Sojourn

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